Shadowhunters season two episode eleven – discussion


season 2B of Shadowhunters has begun which means I am back with more discussions on each episode.

I did enjoy this episode, I don’t think it’s my favourite out of season two, but I did enjoy it and, I loved a certain new character (which I will talk about in this post).

by the way, there will be spoilers for the entire Mortal Instruments series in this discussion (I have also added little asterisks where the spoilers are) as well as for the Infernal Devices.

The episode starts with Jace and Alec training outside of the institute, which at first, I thought was weird, but I fully enjoyed the scene. Alec knows that Jace is hurt about the incident with the soul sword (that happened last season) and is trying to get him to open up about it. Jace being Jace brushes it off and tells him that he’s fine and dismisses Alec’s concern. They end up talking about Jace having more angel blood and how/if he has any ‘special powers’ as Clary does (she can create runes). At this point, Jace just knows that he can activate the soul sword and that’s it. I love Alec and Jace’s relationship, I love their banter and their closeness. We see Jace’s cockiness and his arrogance and I’m loving it! I just love how Shadowhunter’s is using these training scenes to build relationships between the characters.

Clary and Simon are out in the sun sitting on their bench. It’s honestly one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen. I’m really enjoying their relationship on screen, I think Shadowhunters have done a good job with it and haven’t made it feel forced.

Jace and Simon’s relationship! Again, I love it. Simon tells Jace that he knows his secret, (that he has angel blood) and that he won’t tell anyone because he knows that it will put a target on Jace. I also love how Simon goes to hug Jace and Jace just doesn’t want the hug. I love their banter, it’s beautiful.

Something I didn’t like and that bothered me the entire episode is that the Inquisitor’s name is Herondale. Like they could’ve used any other name!

The next scene we have Valentine in a cell being tortured with a rune. Alan Van Sprang is such an amazing actor. I love the way he plays Valentine, even if the lines aren’t always something Valentine would say, he always says them so well. We have this flashback where, I believe, a younger Valentine is in this demonic star and is screaming for his dad. I’m not sure what this has to do with the rest of the plot but I believe it’s important.

Emeraude Toubia is an amazing actress and does not get enough screen time. We have this scene where Izzy is in so much pain because she’s trying to get the vampire venom out of her system. Alec is trying to help her out, he’s worried. Izzy keeps telling him she’s fine and not to worry. I just love all of the scenes with Isabelle because Emeraude does such a good job with them.

We have Izzy go to Raphael for vampire venom and she needs something to take away the pain. I fully appreciate that Raphael says no and that he doesn’t give in. We see how desperate and how addicted she is to vampire venom. The only thing I don’t like is where they’re going with this plot line.

Jace does not want to open up or talk to anyone about what happened with a soul sword. This is something that is a constant throughout this episode. Clary is trying to get Jace to open up, but he won’t because there are still so many things that he hasn’t told Clary, for example, him not being her brother, and he just wants no one to know how he feels. I think this is a really important part of Jace’s character and I really liked how they did this in this episode.

Izzy goes out looking for a vampire to actually give her venom and ends up coming across the greater demon Azazel who tries to kill her. In the end, it is Sebastian who saves her and ends up taking her to his house as she’s weak due to her withdrawal. Something that really confused me and I need answers to is, why did her necklace break? I’m hoping that this is something they go over later on because they spent a significant (not really a lot, but enough to reinforce that this had happened) time on it.

Shadowhunters - Curious About The New Character Sebastian? Here's What We Know So Far - 1002

Everyone thinks that Isabelle has been taken by Azazel, when in fact she was with Sebastian. Also everyone except Alec, Magnus and Raphael think she has the flu. I’m thinking that everyone might find out because something happens later on, but at the moment I have no clue.

*spoilers for the mortal instruments, the blood experiment plot line* Did anyone else think that it was kinda foreshadowing that they all thought a greater demon had Izzy when it was actually Sebastian? You know because cough demon cough blood.

They decide to go to Valentine, as they believe that Circle members broke Azazel out of Dudamel for Valentine. Note, they do not inform the inquisitor. Why? because she’s in a meeting. I’m sitting here like she already thinks they’re working with Valentine and then they decide not to tell her that they think a greater demon has taken Isabelle??

Valentine tells them that they should summon Azazel with Magnus and tell him that Valentine has the cup, using Valentine as bait, so they can trade Valentine for Izzy. I just don’t understand why they would use Valentines idea, but hey, people (meaning Clary) make bad choices. Both Jace and Valentine said they wouldn’t trust Valentine. Clary is so reckless and I kinda appreciate that they’ve kept that a part of her character.

Clary finds out that Jace isn’t her brother! Which was kinda disappointing, I wanted them to drag it out a bit more. But I did like the way it was done. Clary is more upset about the fact that Jace isn’t opening up to her and worried about his emotional state because of this, rather than him not telling her that he isn’t her brother.

We go back to Isabelle and Sebastian and I have mixed feelings. Will Tudor who plays Sebastian, who also played one of my favourite characters (Odi) on Humans, is a great actor. He was able to give off that slightly untrustworthy but also good guy disguise. We find out that he is from the London Institute and left because of a Yin Fen addiction. He gives Izzy this medication that is able to help with the pain.

*spoilers for the Infernal Devices* I’m not liking where they are going with the Yin Fen plot line, it is completely taking away from Jem’s plotline in the Infernal Devices. I do understand/believe that there is some underlying message about drug/alcohol addiction in here and I guess they are trying to show how addicts can seek help and end up being freed from their addiction. (you can totally tell that I take English Literature, wow)

Luke has a new partner, Ollie, and I kinda like this subplot. I love that they subtly mentioned that she has a girlfriend, it’s obviously not a big thing and we haven’t met her but she does just casually mention it. I fully appreciate when shows or books casually mention that a character or side character is in a same-sex relationship. Ollie suspects that Luke is up to something, especially because he won’t tell her much about his life and because he likes to talk in private to people. She takes photos of Luke and Maia talking (about the pack breaking up). I’m kinda interested to see where this goes.

Jace finally opens up! Alec finds Jace crying and they have this really nice moment where Alec is comforting Jace. I think this really shows the bond between them, especially because they did a really bad job of showing the parabatai bond in the first season. I love how they are showing Jace’s vulnerability and his relationship with Alec this season.

We go back to Izzy and Sebastian. Sebastian says so things which are so subtle and that most people will not pick up on unless they have read the mortal instruments. I’m really hoping that they don’t reveal certain things about his character until later in the series, like seriously even if they wait until season three because I love all these little hints.

We actually didn’t get a lot of scenes with Simon in them this episode. Of course there is the daylighter thing which plays a part in Simons plot in this episode. Raphael has found out that Simon is a daylighter and wants to know how. Simon obviously doesn’t tell him and I feel like this is going to develop into a much bigger plotline.

We then have the scene where they summon Azazel. This is the second time they’ve decided to summon a greater demon, and last time nothing happened but it was terrible and I hated it. This time was better but I was still annoyed by the terrible decision these characters were making. Of course, we all know that he doesn’t have Izzy, but they all believe he does. So they decide to get Clary to use her sunlight rune to harm/kill Azazel, which for some reason the rune doesn’t work. And, I’m not surprised, Azazel breaks free and switches Magnus and Valentine. Jace was able to break free and attack Azazel and everyone in confused. I don’t understand why they’re confused because they all know that he has extra angel blood.

Izzy calls Alec and tells her that she’s okay and safe. I thought this was really important and I think it shows how much they care for one another and how at the end of the day, they just want one another to be safe.

Shadowhunters - Check Out Our Official Recap Of The Shadowhunters Summer Premiere - 1012

Once Izzy has finished on the phone we hear the kettle whistling and then Sebastian burning his hand over the stove. It was a very weird and suspicious scene. I kinda liked it.

Shadowhunters - Curious About The New Character Sebastian? Here's What We Know So Far - 1007

Jace and Clary finally talk about the brother-sister issue and Jace’s abilities. It wasn’t like they cried and hugged and it was overly emotional. It was a small conversation and I really appreciated it.

The episode ends with Valentine (in Mangus’s body) walking down the street. I don’t really like body swap thing, but if they do a good job with it then I might change my mind. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Shadowhunters - Check Out Our Official Recap Of The Shadowhunters Summer Premiere - 1014

so, you read all the way to the end of this pretty long discussion. I hope you enjoyed it. If you agree of disagree with anything I’ve said here or have any ideas as to what they’re going to do in the upcoming episodes, let me know by commenting!

Yasmin xx


Shadowhunters episode nine season two – discussion 


I think this week’s episode of Shadowhunters was pretty good, not so much a memorable episode, but still a good episode. There was a few things that weren’t so great but I pretty much had no problems with this episode.

this discussion will have spoilers for this episode and for the entire Mortal Instruments series.

The episode starts and we have Clary and Simon in the canoe making out. It honestly was such a funny scene, I loved it! We have Jace come in, as he said in last week’s episode that he won’t let Clary out of his sight. Jace is worried that she’s not safe here in Simon’s ‘house’ we have Clary say, “it’s okay, I’m safe here.” Jace wants her back at the institute and Simon’s says that  “I’m not sure that’s how hiding works, the whole point is to not be what everyone thinks you are” I love their banter, I think they’ve gotten a hold of their relationship and I like what they’re doing with it.

Honestly love seeing the two of them than being protective of Clary, before we would get to see him attempt to but as Jace had the ability to look after her better, as he is a Shadowhunter, Simon was kinda brushed off. Now that he is a vampire he has that advantage and I hope that we get to see Simon argue that. Simon’s lines, as usual, are so funny and just great.  I love how he says, “I’m not afraid of them [The Circle] I’ve been working on my fighting skills” I thought it was really funny and it reminded me of the scene in the first season with Simon says something along the lines of, I can handle a rune, I thought this was just so funny and just like that little connection.

We then see Clary’s hand start to go black and she’s in a lot of pain. No one knows what’s going on and what’s happened. They go to Magnus’s and he tells her that this is happening because of the blood oath and that she needs to go find Madzie or this ‘infection’ will continue to grow and once it eventually reaches her heart she’ll die.

Shadowhunters - 20 Things In S2E9 That Made Us Question Everything We Ever Knew About Shadowhunters - 1004

Aldertree is back at the Institute and Isabelle goes to him, he says that he is glad that she looks well and that she was able to ween herself off Yin Fen so quickly. This really bugged me because you can’t ween yourself off Yin Fen, that’s made very clear to us in The Infernal Devices. We then have Aldertree ask Izzy on a date. I was just sitting there thinking to myself ‘what the heck is going on! this is really weird!’ Looking at it now I can kind of see Sebastian in his character, maybe he works for Sebastian and/or Valentine or maybe they’ll use the shapeshifter rune. I hope they don’t go with the latter because that rune can create a lot of plot holes and it’s just an easy fix to almost everything.

Shadowhunters - 20 Things In S2E9 That Made Us Question Everything We Ever Knew About Shadowhunters - 1005

We then have Clary go to Luke and tell him what happened. We have and Luke blaming himself or what has happened to Clary because he wasn’t able to protect her straight after Jocelyn died. I wish we got to see more of Luke than we are at the moment, I realised that after Jocelyn died we have seen and less and less of Luke and I think I’m hoping that we get to see more of this character. Also because I feel like the only times we seem him is when there is a problem that directly affects him, for example, the issue with the soul sword in last week’s episode.

We have Jace’s  jealousy starting to show and I like how it’s going. He doesn’t want her to go get Simon and even though she wants him with her. Clary is going to get Simon from his place and a wolf comes out and tries to attack her. We find out that it’s Maia and she was trying to kill Clary because she knows what the soul sword can do. This didn’t feel like Maia at all, I think this all felt out of place. Maia wouldn’t make such an impulsive decision. Luke then locks Maia inside this shed because he doesn’t want her to hurt Clary. I had lots of problems with this, it just didn’t feel right and like something Luke would do.

We have Valentine at this abandoned Circus, and my first thought was this is really corny. I feel like in so many shows and movies when things go wrong they’re at an abandoned place, I know this adds to the creepiness of it and then you link it to clowns, which is something that is used quite commonly to add creepiness. We find out that Valentine needs Dott so that she can teach Madzie a spell from the spellbook they stole from Magnus.

Shadowhunters - Everything We Know About Madzie So Far!  - 1012Shadowhunters - 20 Things In S2E9 That Made Us Question Everything We Ever Knew About Shadowhunters - 1008

We then have a scene with Isabel and Raphael and we are beginning to establish a relationship between them. We have them cooking and it’s kinda cute. We find out more about Raphael’s past and his sister, which was nice.I do enjoy that we are getting to see more of Raphael and that we get to see more is past and more of his character, mostly because I thought they weren’t really going to really dive into his character too much just because it didn’t seem like they weren’t doing much with his character in the first season and in earlier episodes in this season.

I don’t like what they’re doing with Isabelle and Raphael’s relationship. I find it to be very toxic and unhealthy. Later on, in the episode, we do have Magnus address this when he and Alec come in and find out about Izzy of Yin Fen and their relationship. Alec is angry with Magnus because he had suspicions about Izzy being on Yin Fen but didn’t tell Alec as he wasn’t one hundred percent certain about her being on Yin Fen or not. Raphael says he has feelings for Izzy and Magnus tells him that it’s just his addiction talking and tells him to ask himself how he feels about Izzy when he’s no longer addicted to her blood.

Jace goes to make a deal with Valentine in order to get Madzie to Clary. While this is happening we have a really nice Climon scene. They’re on the roof of Simons van, as Clary said “if I’m going to die, it’s not going to be in this van” We have both of them become really tearful and emotional. I think this scene was done beautifully and it wasn’t over the top or super cheezy, it still felt like them and I think that’s what I really enjoyed about this scene.

At the end of the episode, we have Jace bring Madzie to Clary and she is healed. Madzie then creates a portal and takes Clary with her to Valentine. When Jace and Simon go to rescue Clary and Simon ends up getting taken by Valentine and the episode ends. Personally, this all felt rushed, it made sense as to why it was rushed because it does all happen fairly quickly. I think this was a impactful ending to the episode and I just really loved it.

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So those were my thoughts on episode nine in season two of Shadowhunters! Like always let me know if you agree or disagree with anything I said here in the comments

Yasmin xx


Shadowhunters season two episode eight – discussion


I am so sorry for posting this review so late, I know that episode nine comes out tomorrow, hopefully I’ll get on top of everything and have these up faster.

I think this episode was really good! I really loved the drama of it. There are a few things that I had a problem with in this episode, but other than that it was a pretty good episode.

the episode starts with Izzy with the Vampires, as she’s trying to get vampire venom as Aldertree isn’t back and she has no other way to access Yin Fen. The vampire then tries to drain Izzy off her blood when Raphael comes in to save her. He ends up biting her so that she’d get some of his venom and we see a relationship between them start to form. We never really see a relationship form between Isabelle and Raphael in the books so I’m kind of interested to see how they are going to develop this.

We then go to the Jade Wolf where Luke finds out about what the Soul Sword can do and he’s angry because Jace and Clary didn’t tell him. We then find out that the thing in the vision was a demon and it was able to destroy the soul sword.

we then go to the institute where Alec and Isabelle are talking about the fact that Clary and Jace have seen an angel. Isabelle is a little bit sceptical and even says, “no one’s seen an angel in hundreds of years.” Izzy then starts asking him about what happened with Magnus and Alec in the last episode., Alec actually doesn’t say anything about it and he doesn’t really get the chance to as Maryse and Max come it. We don’t really discuss this later on in the episode either which was really disappointing. We find out that Max is going to have his Rune Ceremony and that since Robert isn’t able to come, Alec is going to take his role. Max didn’t feel Max in this episode. There was something really off about when he said, “Mon doesn’t like you having a warlock boyfriend” Alec responds with “And you?” which Max just responds with “whatever I don’t care” I feel like his response should’ve been different.

Alec then goes to Magnus to ask him if he’ll host the party for Max, but also to help improve his relationship with Maryse. I really liked their dialogue here and I thought Magnus’s lines were great. I just really wish they’d talked about what happened the last episode. It is said that they had sex but I feel like this could’ve all been touched upon better. I discussed why in my discussion for episode seven.

We are then at a park where Iris, the warlock from a few episodes ago, was sitting and Valentine appears and he needs her for something, we don’t really find out what this is until much later in the episode.

In last week’s episode Maia tells Simon to tell Clary he loves her. It’s eleven o’clock at night and Simon has called Clary out to this place., she’s worried because it’s late and night and he is pacing. Simon is kind of talking to himself and he won’t tell her what’s wrong, she says, “Simon I don’t have a telepathy rune” I honestly, loved this line, I thought it was really cute and I just really loved this scene. When they kissed, it was beautiful and so well done. Personally, I think their first kiss was done so much better than Clary and Jaces’. I just think this scene is beautiful and has been done really really well.

we then go back to Maryse and Alec, he’s just given her the invite for the party. Maryse doesn’t approve of it being at Magnus’s and having people outside their family there. The way Maryse is acting is how Robert would’ve acted in the book, I am annoyed about this as we do find out why Robert feels this way in City of Heavenly Fire.

We then see Simon and Clary all dressed up and ready to go to this party for Max. They’re laughing and being really cute and I really liked it. They walk into the party holding hands and it’s all just really cute. Yes, I do say cute a lot but it is cute. 

Maia is back, and I think she’s going to be in more episodes now that we have been able to get to know her character a little bit better. I really love her banter with Jace, it was done really well last episode and also in this episode. I loved how the first thing she says when she sees him is “I thought I smelled cocky I really like what they are doing with their relationship.

Jace then sees Clary and Simon together, I love how he’s still supportive and tells them that they, “look cute together” and that he’s happy for them. I just think it’s really nice to see that.

we have Magnus who is worrying if everything’s okay because he doesn’t want to ruin this for Max. Maryse walks in and she’s so b*tchy like I can’t stand the way she is towards Magnus, you can tell he’s tried so hard to make this perfect and Maryse has to find a problem with absolutely everything.

This is when all the drama started happening, and it was great!

We go back to Clary and she sees Simon kissing Maia. All I could think was, didn’t the show runners say that they weren’t going to have Simon date two people at once? Did they just mean that he’s going to be dating Maia and Clary at the same time instead of Clary and Izzy? Honestly, there was just a lot of confusion, I’ll explain this better later.

We go back to Izzy looking for Yin Fen, we find out that Vampire venom wears off faster and that is why she’s hit a low. Izzy ends up begging Raphael for more and with a lot of persuading he finally gives in. We see Izzy being vunerable, we also find out more about Raphael and Magnus’s past as Raphael is dropping Izzy back off to the party.

Ever since we have found out that Jace has demon blood in him, Maryse has ‘disowned’ Jace and no longer sees him as her son. Maryse tries to kill Jace, he defends himself and Maryse is unconscious on the floor. During this scene, all I could think was ‘you already killed Jocelyn now you’re killing Maryse! Stop killing the mothers!’ Maryse hasn’t died as I found out later but I literally thought she was dead.

Magnus realises that something is wrong, that people are imagining things that aren’t really happening and comes to the conclusion that they’re all hallucinating, not just anything but things that they’re insecure about. Clary has just started a new relationship and she believes that Simon actually doesn’t want to be with her, Jace just wants to be accepted by his family and he believes that Maryse, his mother figure, wants to kill him, Alec feels all this guilt because of what happened to Jocelyn while he was possessed by the demon, and he thinks that Clary is still angry with him about it.

It gets to the point where everyone is arguing because no one knows what’s real and what isn’t. I feel like this scene was very messy and felt like something we’d see on a Disney Channel show.

I felt like everything after this felt really convenient like Magnus figures out that it was Iris, the warlock from earlier in the season, who was disguised as a cat from a French word/phrase.

We find out that Valentine forced Iris to work for him as he has her granddaughter. We find out that Valentine wanted Clary as he didn’t want her to be harmed. As Magnus is sending her to the Clave and she tells Clary that she still owes her a favour and that she must get her back. Once Iris has left we find out that Clary has “pure” angel blood in her, which is why Valentine needs her so that she can activate the Soul Sword.

The episode ends with everyone talking to one another and discussing what happened. We have Simon tell Clary that he, ” wants to spend every minute of every day with you.” We have Clary tell Alec that, “I don’t blame you for my mom.” Maryse and Jace talk and she tell him that, “I don’t regret taking you in for a second.” I really liked this, I thought it was really nice to get some closure on some of the conflicts between the characters.

Jace and Alec are with Maryse and they ask her about why she and Robert are fighting all the time. Alec asks if Robert is cheating on her and she starts crying. In the books, Maryse tells Isabelle that Robert cheated on her before Max was born but they stayed together because of Max. In the show, Maryse doesn’t want them to tell Izzy as it’ll really hurt her. I’m not sure how I feel about this as of right now.

The episode ends with Max’s Rune Ceremony. I thought it was really nice and I liked that the episode ended on such a nice note.

so that was my thoughts on episode eight of Shadowhunters. Let me know what you thought of this episode if you agreed or disagreed with anything I said here.

Yasmin xx


Shadowhunters season two episode seven – discussion


so I have mixed feelings about what happened in this episode of Shadowhunters. There were so many things that I really liked about this episode but there were a few things I didn’t like which really like which is why I have mixed feelings.

this discussion will have spoilers for this episode as well as spoilers for the whole Mortal Instruments series.

At the beginning of the episode, Sister Cleophas has found Valentine and they’re discussing her loyalty to him. Valentine asks her why she ignited her circle rune if she wasn’t really loyal to him because once she thought he was dead she gave up and went back to the Clave. This scene reminded me so much of the scene in the Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire movie where Voldemort is having a go at everyone because they all hid and gave up after he died. This was also made stronger by the fact that the Circle rune can somehow summon Valentine just like how the dark mark was able to summon Voldemort.

We then have this scene of Valentine dragging an old man inside this concrete room, at the time we don’t know who this is but we find out later that it’s the angel Ithuriel. Honestly, I was just very confused by this and kind of forgot about it until later in the episode.

We then move to a scene with Clary in the institute and she can hear this noise, which no one else can hear. She then asks this random girl in the institute if she could hear it, and she couldn’t. This same girl is seen in a scene later in the episode and I’m wondering if they’ll use her again in a later episode like they did with Raj, well Raj kind of just turned up for two episodes then disappeared so yeah.

We are then back at Magnus’s apartment where Alec and Magnus have just come back from traveling and Alec has brought Magnus back a gift! It is supposed to bring him luck and protection, and I thought this was so adorable and I just really loved it.

We have a scene with Simon and Clary, where Clary walks in on him putting his shirt on. She asks him why he’s getting all dressed up and he says he’s going to go hang out with Maia and asks if she’s okay with that. Clary responds by saying, “No that’s completely unacceptable, I am your only friend, it’s in the by-laws, come on!” I love their banter and just the way their relationship has been portrayed on screen, I say this every single time but it’s true and I will continue to say this until they mess up. Simon realises that somethings up and Clary briefly explains but says she okay, Simon offers to reschedule just to look after her and make sure she’s okay, but Clary tells him not to worry. Honestly, this made my heart flutter, it was so sweet and I loved it so much. I believe that Clary and Simon are going to become a couple, and I’m really excited to see this on screen.

We then hear Jace and a girl in another room and at first, I thought it was Aline because the show is adding little bits from loads of different books (so far I’m enjoying this), but I was wrong. We never find out who this girl is but we do get this almost sex scene between them, I really don’t know how I feel about this scene. We then have Alec walk in and tell him he’s needed at the institute and really this just felt off to me too. This scene as a whole just didn’t sit right with me.

Clary and Alec have gotten this Angelic rune alert on their phones so that if they’re needed at the institute they know. I thought this was kinda cheesy but I didn’t mind it too much. They find out about what happened at the end of the last episode with Sister Cleophas and they immediately think that she’s the victim in this situation. I’m so confused as to why no one knows who was a part of the Circle because for some reason in the first season we were told that no one is allowed to talk about the Circle because it hurts them. Alec then goes off to go help with something and Izzy and Clary are together and Izzy just brings up Clary’s rune power in front of everyone, at this point I’m sitting there with my head in my hands because Aldertree has previously said that he has eyes everywhere and Izzy is now sharing information, that she was supposed to tell him, where anyone can hear. Isabelle is really annoyed that Clary didn’t tell her about this because she thought they’d built that kind of relationship between them. This was really well done and I hope they don’t just brush this off because I kinda want to see them rebuild their relationship after this.

Shadowhunters - 27 Things We Learned While Everyone Was Hanging Out At The Hunter's Moon In S2E7 - 1007

Isabelle is then in Aldertree’s office and she’s looking for Yin Fen but the tin is empty. This random girl from earlier then turns up again and asks what she’s doing in there, Isabelle says she’s got orders from Aldertree and the girl just brushes it off. We do get to see Izzy’s dependency on the drug and how addicted she is to it. The writers have done such a good job with this plot line and I’m loving it!

We then are back in the Hunters Moon where Magnus is holding his present from Alec and he’s telling Maia about how much it means to him and he’s so used to people asking for things from him and he’s not used to receiving things from people. This was so beautiful and I really liked this little scene with Maia and Magnus.

Isabelle enters and she’s looking for someone so she can buy some Yin Fen off them. Magnus sees her and is wondering what she’s doing so goes up to her and tells the guy that he’s banned from North America (I believe) and so he leaves. He questions Isabelle about what she’s doing looking for Yin Fen and tells her to be careful and that Yin Fen “nearly cost my friend Jem his life,” when Magnus said this I had to pause the episode to take a moment collect myself. I’ve already said this during this discussion but I’m going to say it again, I really love what they’re doing with this Yin Fen plot line!

We go to a scene with Clary and Luke, where Clary just randomly brings up the fact that she can create runes. I thought this was really weird because earlier in the episode she had said that she couldn’t tell Izzy about it because Jace said it would put her in danger but it was okay for her to tell Luke.

We go back to the Hunters Moon where Simon has just arrived, two hours early, for his date with Maia. While he’s waiting for Maia, Izzy comes up to Simon and they are catching up. At first, I really liked this. He tells her that he’s nervous about his date with Maia and she says that Shadowhunter blood is good for curing anxiety. At this point I was very confused, I thought they were going to do this instead of having Jace feed him his blood so that he becomes a day lighter. Izzy then says that this is a joke and then this is pushed aside.

Cleophas arrives at the Jade Wolf and she’s injured. I didn’t really like a lot of the scenes with her in it. It didn’t feel right that Luke knew she was a member of the Circle, making this common knowledge, and then the Clave still allowing her to be an Iron Sister. This just really bugged me.

We are then back at the Hunters Moon and we have some really great scenes with Jace and Simon. Jace felt like book Jace. We see Maia interacting with Jace occasionally which was really great, as the last time we saw them together she was trying to kill him. One of my favourite lines from Maia is when she gives Jace the tequila shots he says thanks and Maia just says, “I spat in one” I laughed out loud, it was just great. Jace is trying to teach Simon how to flirt with girls and Simon does this beautiful impression of Jace, “this is me trying to be you, dark mysterious” to which Jace responds, “it looks like you’re low on fibre” Honestly, these scenes were so good! The only thing that really ruined this was the use of a shapeshifting rune. I don’t like this rune at all, it creates so many plot holes and it’s really just unnecessary. We have barely seen anyone using runes and it’s really disappointing that every time someone is using a rune, they’re using a shapeshifting rune.

I love how Clary knew Cleophas was working with Valentine was because she called her Clarissa, and only Valentine calls her that. I think these scene with Luke and Clary was really nice and the dialogue was great. Clary wants to use Cleophas to get to Valentine and Luke doesn’t want her to because she could get hurt, Clary says, “isn’t that what cops do? Go undercover” and Luke replied, “I didn’t realise you had a badge” I live for dialogue like this.

Shadowhunters - 17 Ways Clary Has Become A Total Badass In Season 2! - 1017

I’m now going to talk about the Malec having sex issue, as I believe there were consent issues I am adding a trigger warning, so it’s safe to read after the two asterisks.

We go back to Magnus and Alec, Alec has been dealing with weather or not it’s the right time for him to have sex with Magnus. This entire scene felt very wrong, in my opinion. Alec runs in and he kisses Magnus and it’s really cute, they then have this very small conversation about Alec saying he’s ready to do this, while Magnus isn’t so sure. Alec tells him it’s okay and I feel like he kind of dismissed Magnus’s feelings about them having sex. Alec then goes and starts kissing Magnus again and leads him into the bedroom, then the scene ends.

because it was it wasn’t clear as to whether of not consent was given, so many people were asking questions about this. Becuase of this one of the showrunners Darren Swimmer tweeted this

On most TV shows when this happens it usually means that they had sex. I think one of the reasons why I had an issue with this, as well as a lot of other people, is because earlier on in this episode we see this girl and Jace having sex and then we don’t see anything from Malec which is a problem. I really hope that they discuss what happened here in the next episode.

for those of you know haven’t seen the episode, here’s a link to where you can watch this scene just so you can understand this better.


While Cleophas and Clary are going to Valentine Clary hears the noise that she hear earlier in the institute. Cleophas didn’t know what noise Clary was hearing so she used a hearing rune to hear it and we find out that it’s Ithuriel crying because he’s in pain/captive. This annoyed me, as it takes away from Clary’s ability to communicate with Ithuriel.

Simon and Maia go for their date near the end of the episode. I think it was really cute and I really liked how they were able to talk about all the nerdy things they like. They shut down any possibility of them having a romantic relationship quite quickly. If you follow Cassandra Clare or Todd Slavkin (one of the showrunners) on Twitter, you’ll know that they’re not going to have the Simon cheating on Maia and Izzy plot line. (Here’s a link to the tweet if you haven’t seen it and you’re interested in it) this could be because they aren’t going to use this plot line or because they do want to have Clary and Simon as a couple, just like in the books. I do think it’s the latter as Maia does say to Simon, “you’re in love with Clary.” I am glad that we will get to see their friendship grow, rather than a romantic relationship.

Shadowhunters - The 18 Best Moments Of Jace Trying To Teach Simon How To Flirt With Women In S2E7 - 1019

We are then taken back to the Hunters Moon where Jace is with these three Faerie girls being a flirt, Luke walks in and as soon as he tells him Clary is in trouble he gets right up and runs out of there. I think this was such a great Jace moment, I really loved the way they portrayed Jace during this episode.

I said earlier that I really don’t like the Cleophas Valentine thing that was going on during this episode. But, we do have this really good scene with Luke and Valentine. Valentine’s lines here were very authentic, “it’s not torture, it’s a means to an end.” He also brings up the fact that Luke is his parabati, that he stole Jocelyn from him (you cannot steal a person from someone because you cannot own a person by the way). I think this scene was done really well and I really liked it.

Okay, so the last thing I’d like to talk about is the fight scene on the roof. While I did really like the fight scene, I loved that we got to see Jace and Clary fighting side by side. The thing that ruined this scene for me was the CGI because it was awful. There were these weird lightning strikes going off every five seconds which was visually annoying, the sky looked so fake and poorly edited. Money that was spent on the shapeshifting rune earlier in this episode could’ve been spent on the final scene in this episode because it needed all the help it could get.

At the end of the episode, we see Clary create another rune and then Ithuriel show his ‘true form.’ Now I was expecting some mind blowing angelic masterpiece, I was sadly very disappointed. His wings reminded me of the way my cat’s fur looks when he’s gotten wet wrong the rain. They looked so bad. In my notebook I wrote down, ‘I am disappointed.’ When you spend the whole episode going on about revealing his true form, his true form better be pretty impressive. The fact that the actor that they used for Ithuriel didn’t look the way I imagined him to was disappointing, but the fact that this portrayal of angels was done so poorly, especially because Cleophas said that they are “beloved, winged, celestial beings” during episode six.

Clary says that “he’s trying to communicate with me” and both Clary and Jace both see a terribly edited vision of this person that looks like the Grim Reaper turning to dust. It cuts back to them on the roof and Ithuriel literally shoots up into the air like a rocket ship. Even though they both see the vision, I wish Jace had also been able to hear the angel as he also has more angelic blood in him than your average Shadowhunter.

Shadowhunters - 27 Things We Learned While Everyone Was Hanging Out At The Hunter's Moon In S2E7 - 1027Shadowhunters - 27 Things We Learned While Everyone Was Hanging Out At The Hunter's Moon In S2E7 - 1028

so that was all of my thoughts on this episode of Shadowhunters. Please let me know if you agreed or disagreed with anything I said here

Yasmin xx


Shadowhunters season 2 episode 6 – discussion


this week I completely lost track of time, and I didn’t end up finishing this discussion until Sunday night. I am planning to be more organised and have these discussions up earlier in the week.

this was a good episode, it just wasn’t that interesting, in comparison to other episodes.

this discussion will have spoilers for not only this episode but the whole mortal instruments series.

we got to see the Iron Sisters this episode, there were things I liked about them and things I didn’t like so much. I loved that we got to see them making their weapons and then them testing them, I thought it was really well done. The only thing I was disappointed with when it came to their costumes was that there was nothing that made them stand out. The Silent Brothers have a distinct look which makes them stand out, in the books The Iron Sisters have glowing orange eyes, which are the colour of fire.

Shadowhunters - Introducing Sister Cleophas: Luke's Sister Who's Not To Be Messed With - 1003

We get this scene with Clary and Jace where they’re looking through the Grey Book trying to find the rune Clary drew in the last episode. As they can’t find it Clary tells Jace that she thinks their mom sent her the rune in order to protect her. This broke my heart, I thought that it was something really beautiful and emotional that they added in.

Something I didn’t understand about this was why Aldertree was questioning Jace about them looking through the Grey Book. It has been said so many times that Clary is untrained and that she doesn’t understand the Shadow world, so it doesn’t make sense that Aldertree is questioning Jace about him and Clary looking through the Grey Book.

We got to learn, more clearly, about what the Iron Sisters do. Izzy is explaining this to Clary and she takes out on of her hair pins and flicks it and it turns into a blade, I thought this was really cool and ties into how her whip is also a bracelet.

Isabelle goes to Aldertree for more Yin Fen. I like how we’re already getting to see her addiction to this drug. She then asks him if Clary can join her on the mission to the Citadel, Aldertree says that he’ll let her come, only if Izzy tells him everything that Clary does, as he doesn’t trust her and believes she also has demon blood in her. I will talk more about this later.

Magnus gets Alec to come over because he knew he wasn’t okay. There were two lines from Malec scenes this episode which really hit me hard. One of these lines is when Magnus says to Alec that, “I’m not okay, because you’re not okay.” I really like what they’re doing with their relationship in the show so far.

When Izzy and Clary arrived at the Citadel I was slightly disappointed. I was hoping to see a more volcanic environment and this very dangerous and somewhat scary feel to the Citadel like we get from the City of Bones. The Citadel had a very clean and had a welcoming presence which felt off to me.

Magnus and Alec finally went on their first date in this episode, and I absolutely loved it! I loved the way they spread their date out over the entire episode, I also loved how normal it was, especially because this is a fantasy show and there are so many different magical elements to the show, getting to see them playing pool and drinking beer was something really nice and refreshing.

Shadowhunters - Malec Went On Their First Date And You Need To Relive Every Moment With Us Right Now - 1006

Maia has not been in the last few episodes so it was nice to see her again. We got to see the beginning of Maia and Simons relationship in this episode, and so far I’m really liking it. When they were in the car and Maia says that she’s had bad things happen to her, and I was expecting her to talk about Jordan or her brother, but she didn’t. I’m hoping that they bring up her past in future episodes.

For Izzy and Clary to be able to enter the Citadel they need to go through a purity test, just in case they have any demonic impurities/influences. I really liked the way that they did this, I loved how they wore white and how the water changed. It was done really nicely. Clary goes into the water and she’s absolutely fine, which removes Aldertrees suspicion that Clary was also experimented on with demon blood. However, when Isabelle goes in the water turns black and starts to bubble because of the Yin Fen. Clary assumes this is because of the demon wound from a few episodes ago, but one of the Iron Sisters tells Izzy that this is because of the Yin Fen as it is “Vampire Venom”. In the Infernal Devices, we are told that it is made out of Demon powder, which I think has more of an impact on us as an audience. I’m guessing that they’ve changed it to vampire venom because they want to do something with Simon and Isabelle, but I’m not really sure.

It’s time for Clary’s purity test.IZZY. 😱

We then go back to Magnus and Alec where they are having a discussion about their exes. This scene reminded me so much of them in the books, Magnus doesn’t want to talk about it and says that it doesn’t matter but Alec feels threatened by all of Magnus’s past partners.  When this conversation started I immediately thought of what happened at the end of City of Lost Souls.

we are then brought back to the institute where Aldertree is giving Jace all of these demeaning jobs so that he’ll leave the institute. After this scene, I think that Aldertree is going to be one of the main antagonists, other than Valentine, in this season.

We then see Clary in the Citadel, and she finds out what else the soul sword can do. In the show, when it is activated it can kill all demon blooded creatures, which means all Downworlders. In the books, we learn that Valentine wants the sword to be able to summon and control demons, I’m not sure why they changed this plot line, because the original one is a lot more scary in my opinion.

Maia and Simon have found Luke, but he’s going to attack a couple who are camping in this forest. This felt so wrong to me, when they change into werewolves they still have a conscious, so I didn’t get why he would attack these innocent people. Other than that I really liked how Simon was able to talk to Luke out of it, and how he reminded him of the time that Jocelyn, Clary, Luke and himself went camping and how he taught him how to shave.

Shadowhunters - 20 Things We Learned In Season 2 Episode 6 That Absolutely Blew Our Minds - 1016

Clary asks Sister Cleophas if it’s possible that her mother sent her the rune, she tells her it isn’t and they have this discussion about life after death. I think this was done really nicely. Wow, Yasmin, you say that for almost everything. Isabelle uses a rune so that she can listen to their conversation from afar and hears them talking about the rune that Clary created.

The last Malec scene in this episode is when they’re in the apartment and Alec says that he doesn’t care how many partners Magnus has had, Magnus says that he doesn’t care how many partners Alec hasn’t had. They kiss and it was beautiful, it made my heart melt. Then Jace walks in, this made me laugh out loud because it reminded me of all the times that someone has walked in on somebody kissing or just after sex, really just when something romantic is happening. Jace asks if he can stay with Magnus. I’m really excited about this and I can’t wait to see this on the show.

Isabelle goes back to Aldertree to confront him about the Yin Fen and to tell him everything that happened. When she’s sitting there waiting we see her shaking, as she hasn’t taken Yin Fen in a while, I liked this little detail, it was subtle but it said a lot. When Isabelle tells Aldertree about what happened and how she almost died because of the purity test, he says that he didn’t know and was just trying to help (which was such a lie). She tells him that Clary passed the test “with flying colours” but she doesn’t tell him about the rune, which I appreciated. She then ends up getting more Yin Fen, which shows how even though she knows it’s not good for her she is still addicted.

At the end of the episode we go back to the iron sisters and we see Sister Cleophas kill another Iron Sister and then reveal the Circle rune. Shadowhunters have been doing a really good job with the ending of each episode, they leave you in suspense and I really like how they’re doing that.

Shadowhunters - Introducing Sister Cleophas: Luke's Sister Who's Not To Be Messed With - 1012Shadowhunters - Introducing Sister Cleophas: Luke's Sister Who's Not To Be Messed With - 1013

so those were my thoughts on episode six from season two of Shadowhunters! Overall, I enjoyed this episode, it just wasn’t my favourite.

Let me know if you agreed or disagreed with anything I said here, I’d love to hear your opinions in the comments.

Yasmin xx


Shadowhunters season two episode five – discussion


I enjoyed this episode more than last weeks episode, however, I’m not sure if it’s my favourite episode from this season or not.

this discussion will have spoilers for not only this episode but the whole mortal instruments series.

At the beginning of the episode Alec was beating himself up over having a part in Jocelyn’s death. Even know we all know that it wasn’t Alec’s fault, he still blames himself for it. I liked how they did this, it helped build Clary and Alec’s relationship and I think we will see them be more understanding towards each other. However, I wish we got more time with Jace in this episode, there were only a few times when we got to see how Jace was doing and I wish we had gotten to see more of his character throughout the episode.

For the first time, I wasn’t really impressed by Simon’s scenes. As usual, Alberto did an amazing job portraying Simon, I just didn’t like what they did with his character this episode. At the beginning of this episode, we see Simon saying a prayer, this was nice to see (as we did get to see more of Simon’s Jewish background) however, I didn’t think that vampires could say prayers and this just felt inaccurate.

From the promo for this episode, I thought the majority of the episode would be about Clary bringing her mother back from the dead. However, only a small amount of the episode was focused on this. From this necromancy plotline, we got this weird demon baby plot, which was honestly super weird and was something I honestly don’t like. In the end, Iris Rouse leaves through a portal and tells Clary that she still owes her a favour, I hope that they bring this favour back up later in the season or maybe even next season, if the show gets renewed for a third season.

I really like that the show has been including training sessions in almost every single episode. I think are a nice way for us to see the characters. We got to see a training session with Izzy and Jace this week which was really nice. Last season we got a small joke about Isabelle’s cooking, this episode we got to see that again!

Isabelle wants to go see Aldertree because she wants to lead the mission to the Iron Sisters, as she’s still injured (from the demon possession last episode) Aldertree says she can’t but he’d give her some Yin Fen to help heal her. When Aldertree said Yin Fen I had to pause the show because I was so shocked! This plot is the first thing from Shadowhunters which has really shocked me, I really want to see what they do with this plot line. I hope they don’t just brush it off and forget about it in a few episodes because if this is the way they’re introducing content from The Infernal Devices, they better do a good job of it.

Simon’s mother and sisters reaction to him being a vampire was so disappointing. In the books, Elaine decorates the house with Jewish signs and symbols so that Simon cannot come back, this has a huge effect on his character. When the blood is found in his room I was expecting a lot more, I was expecting his sister to respond by saying, “I’m flushing this blood. Stop acting weird.” I expected Elaine to respond like she did in the books rather than having her accept him and tell him it’s okay.

This episode we got to see Clary’s rune power! I really liked how they did this, we got to see her picturing the rune and then drawing it onto her hand. The only thing I didn’t like about this scene was that it felt exactly like the scene from the movie, other than that, I really liked how they introduced it.

I was really glad that they didn’t bring Jocelyn back from the dead. In my episode three discussion I said that I because we constantly see these characters put into near death experiences and always make it out perfectly fine, this takes away from the emotional effect that they’re supposed to have on us. I think that them not bringing Jocelyn back from the dead makes a statement and shows that they’re don’t regret discussions they’ve made.

we got to see Jocelyn’s funeral in this episode. Previously when they showed the parabati ceremony it felt slightly rushed. We got to see a lot of the funeral which was nice. This scene was one of the first scenes in this show that made me teary eyed. Seeing Clary breakdown when she went to say her mothers’ name made me really sad. I think that Shadowhunters has done a really good job when it comes to all the emotional scenes this season.

I was very confused as to where Luke was the entire episode. I would’ve thought that he would have been an important part of this episode as he was close to Jocelyn. The episode ends and we see him in the woods naked, wounded (I believe) and looking up at the moon. I’m assuming that he’s changing into a werewolf, but I’m not really sure.


overall I enjoyed this episode, just like the rest of the episodes in this season, the pacing, the acting and the dialogue has improved. All of the character interactions felt authentic and weren’t awkward to watch. I just think that Shadowhunters are doing some weird things with their plot lines.

let me know if you agreed or disagreed with anything I said here


Yasmin xx


Shadowhunters season two episode four – discussion


for the first half of this episode, I was very happy, I liked how everything was going, the pacing, the dialogue, the plot and the acting was all pretty good. Then at about twenty minutes, I was very upset and somewhat angry.

this discussion will contain spoilers for the entire Mortal Instruments series, especially City of Glass, City of Fallen Angels and City of Lost Souls, so if you haven’t finished the series I wouldn’t recommend that you continue reading this post.

I’m going to start with the positives, because I did, as I said earlier, enjoy the first half of this episode.

the episode starts with Clary going to the City of Bones to visit Jace, to me this scene made sense. It felt like something that would’ve happened with book Clace, while some of the other scenes between Jace and Clary in previous episodes just haven’t felt right.

During this episode there was a lot of really nice lines said by so many characters, I always write down pieces of dialogue that I really liked, while I’m watching the episode, usually I have a few but I had at least 7 which I think was really good.

during this episode, we got to see a lot more of Alec and Clary’s friendship, and I really like how they’ve done it on the show. We have Alec calling Clary “Fray” and it reminded me of how Draco and Harry call each other ‘Malfoy’ and ‘Potter’ throughout the Harry Potter series.

We get this scene with Victor and Raphael where Aldertree wants to find out where Camille is, Raphael doesn’t know where she is and for some reason, Aldertree thinks he’s lying and tortures him with UV light. Honestly, I thought this scene was so awful, and it was a really sad scene to watch. To me, it didn’t feel like something we’d get from the books but in a way, it felt like something the show would do. I didn’t pick up on this until someone mentioned it online, but later in the episode when Raphael turned up at Magnus’s the burn marks on his face are shaped like crosses, which I thought was really sad.

We get a really nice scene with Raphael and Magnus, we actually got a lot of nice scenes with Magnus this episode. I think that all the scenes they did with Magnus, Simon, and Raphael were done really nicely, and they made me feel a lot of different emotions.

Last season during the court scene with Isabelle we don’t see the Mortal Sword, which I found a bit weird as it would’ve been used in that scenario. In this episode, we got to see the Mortal Sword which was super cool. I liked how we got to see that it forces you, to tell the truth, I was worried that they were going to get Jace to answer very easily, but we didn’t, we saw him trying (and failing) to fight the sword to not tell the truth.

Shadowhunters - Relive Every Moment Of Jace's Emotionally Intense Journey In S2E4! - 1008 Shadowhunters - Relive Every Moment Of Jace's Emotionally Intense Journey In S2E4! - 1009

I’m now going to talk about some of the things I really didn’t enjoy about this episode

this episode Shadowhunters introduced a new rune, a heat signature rune… so that they can see the demons heat signature. In the 11th Century, Raziel created all these runes, and the only Shadowhunter that can actually create new runes is Clary Fray. In the 11th Century, nobody knew nothing about heat signatures so obviously Raziel wouldn’t have been able to create the rune. In the 18th Century, Henry Branwell created the sensor, so that Shadowhunters can detect demons. I don’t know why they didn’t just bring up the sensor instead of making up a new rune in this episode because that would’ve made a lot more sense. This is the second time in this series that they’ve created new runes and it’s really bugging me now. If you want to know more about the sensor or rune history you can click on the links.

We get a scene with Hodge and Jace in the cells and it just felt wrong. In City of Glass, we get to see Hodge again with Simon, not Jace, in jail. In CoG Sebastian kills Hodge. I really don’t understand why Hodge had to be in this episode, and why he also had to die in this episode. Jace, Clary, Alec and Simon realise that Sebastian is working with Valentine when he kills Hodge. As the show is already adding so many things from books later in the series I’m wondering when characters that don’t appear till halfway through the series, for example, Sebastian, are going to be introduced.

Shadowhunters - Recognize These Faces? Welcome Back To Some Of Our Season 1 Faves! - 1007

We find out that Jocelyn has been summoned by the Clave to go to Idris. The first thing that popped into my mind was, didn’t she leave the Clave over fifteen years ago so that Clary wasn’t brought up in the shadow world? At this point, I was somewhat confused as to how can the Clave still be able to order her around even though she is no longer a part of the Clave.

Near the end of this episode Jocelyn dies, I believe, and I’m very confused as to why this happens. I noticed in earlier episodes that she wasn’t in the introduction/title sequence but Luke was, so I assumed they just weren’t going to have her play a huge role in this series. I was wrong because what they ended up doing was killing her. I feel like if they didn’t have a major role for her this season they could’ve just sent her to Idris instead of killing her. I feel like we didn’t get enough time to mourn her death and to actually feel a connection to her character as we have only really got to spend 4 episodes with her character.

The rest of this discussion is going to be about the demon possession plot they put into this episode. This paragraph will have major spoilers for City of Glass, City of Fallen Angels and City of Lost Souls, but the last paragraph has no book spoilers whatsoever in it. In City of Fallen Angels, we find out that when Shadowhunters are born they get some sort of protection put on them to prevent demonic influence/possession so that the events that happened in this episode cannot happen. This protection that is put on Shadowhunters is very important when it comes to the plot of City of Fallen Angels. At the end of City of Glass, Jace dies, when Raziel brings him back from the dead, as Clary asked, he was then stripped of that protection. Lilith was then able to control Jace causing a sh*t tonne of stuff to happen which causes the events of City of Lost Souls to happen. By the show adding this demon possession plot, which knowing Shadowhunters will never come up until it’s convenient, they’ve basically prevented themselves from properly being able to use the plot from the end of City of Glass, City of Fallen Angels and City of Lost Souls. I feel like Shadowhunters is trying to mix all of the books together but without it making actual sense.

Another thing I’d like to add about is the fact that when Shadowhunters are possessed by demons they are a lot stronger than the demon of its own. In previous episodes, demons are able to be killed by a little poke from a seraph blade, which is something that has really bugged me for a while now. When Izzy is possessed by the demon in this episode she appears to be a lot strong than she usually is, I believe this is because the demon is inside her. Then when the demon leaves Izzy, Clary is able to kill the demon quite easily. I don’t know if this is because the demon was inside Isabelle which is why it was harder to kill or not, but this just bugged me.

like the rest of the episodes of this season, I’m glad that the acting, pacing and script has improved.

I enjoyed the first half of this episode but I was sadly disappointed by the second half. I really don’t know how you can fix this mistake and how the series will work later on if the show gets a third season.

let me know if you agreed or disagreed with anything I said in this post!


Yasmin xx