Shadowhunters season 2 episode 6 – discussion


this week I completely lost track of time, and I didn’t end up finishing this discussion until Sunday night. I am planning to be more organised and have these discussions up earlier in the week.

this was a good episode, it just wasn’t that interesting, in comparison to other episodes.

this discussion will have spoilers for not only this episode but the whole mortal instruments series.

we got to see the Iron Sisters this episode, there were things I liked about them and things I didn’t like so much. I loved that we got to see them making their weapons and then them testing them, I thought it was really well done. The only thing I was disappointed with when it came to their costumes was that there was nothing that made them stand out. The Silent Brothers have a distinct look which makes them stand out, in the books The Iron Sisters have glowing orange eyes, which are the colour of fire.

Shadowhunters - Introducing Sister Cleophas: Luke's Sister Who's Not To Be Messed With - 1003

We get this scene with Clary and Jace where they’re looking through the Grey Book trying to find the rune Clary drew in the last episode. As they can’t find it Clary tells Jace that she thinks their mom sent her the rune in order to protect her. This broke my heart, I thought that it was something really beautiful and emotional that they added in.

Something I didn’t understand about this was why Aldertree was questioning Jace about them looking through the Grey Book. It has been said so many times that Clary is untrained and that she doesn’t understand the Shadow world, so it doesn’t make sense that Aldertree is questioning Jace about him and Clary looking through the Grey Book.

We got to learn, more clearly, about what the Iron Sisters do. Izzy is explaining this to Clary and she takes out on of her hair pins and flicks it and it turns into a blade, I thought this was really cool and ties into how her whip is also a bracelet.

Isabelle goes to Aldertree for more Yin Fen. I like how we’re already getting to see her addiction to this drug. She then asks him if Clary can join her on the mission to the Citadel, Aldertree says that he’ll let her come, only if Izzy tells him everything that Clary does, as he doesn’t trust her and believes she also has demon blood in her. I will talk more about this later.

Magnus gets Alec to come over because he knew he wasn’t okay. There were two lines from Malec scenes this episode which really hit me hard. One of these lines is when Magnus says to Alec that, “I’m not okay, because you’re not okay.” I really like what they’re doing with their relationship in the show so far.

When Izzy and Clary arrived at the Citadel I was slightly disappointed. I was hoping to see a more volcanic environment and this very dangerous and somewhat scary feel to the Citadel like we get from the City of Bones. The Citadel had a very clean and had a welcoming presence which felt off to me.

Magnus and Alec finally went on their first date in this episode, and I absolutely loved it! I loved the way they spread their date out over the entire episode, I also loved how normal it was, especially because this is a fantasy show and there are so many different magical elements to the show, getting to see them playing pool and drinking beer was something really nice and refreshing.

Shadowhunters - Malec Went On Their First Date And You Need To Relive Every Moment With Us Right Now - 1006

Maia has not been in the last few episodes so it was nice to see her again. We got to see the beginning of Maia and Simons relationship in this episode, and so far I’m really liking it. When they were in the car and Maia says that she’s had bad things happen to her, and I was expecting her to talk about Jordan or her brother, but she didn’t. I’m hoping that they bring up her past in future episodes.

For Izzy and Clary to be able to enter the Citadel they need to go through a purity test, just in case they have any demonic impurities/influences. I really liked the way that they did this, I loved how they wore white and how the water changed. It was done really nicely. Clary goes into the water and she’s absolutely fine, which removes Aldertrees suspicion that Clary was also experimented on with demon blood. However, when Isabelle goes in the water turns black and starts to bubble because of the Yin Fen. Clary assumes this is because of the demon wound from a few episodes ago, but one of the Iron Sisters tells Izzy that this is because of the Yin Fen as it is “Vampire Venom”. In the Infernal Devices, we are told that it is made out of Demon powder, which I think has more of an impact on us as an audience. I’m guessing that they’ve changed it to vampire venom because they want to do something with Simon and Isabelle, but I’m not really sure.

It’s time for Clary’s purity test.IZZY. 😱

We then go back to Magnus and Alec where they are having a discussion about their exes. This scene reminded me so much of them in the books, Magnus doesn’t want to talk about it and says that it doesn’t matter but Alec feels threatened by all of Magnus’s past partners.  When this conversation started I immediately thought of what happened at the end of City of Lost Souls.

we are then brought back to the institute where Aldertree is giving Jace all of these demeaning jobs so that he’ll leave the institute. After this scene, I think that Aldertree is going to be one of the main antagonists, other than Valentine, in this season.

We then see Clary in the Citadel, and she finds out what else the soul sword can do. In the show, when it is activated it can kill all demon blooded creatures, which means all Downworlders. In the books, we learn that Valentine wants the sword to be able to summon and control demons, I’m not sure why they changed this plot line, because the original one is a lot more scary in my opinion.

Maia and Simon have found Luke, but he’s going to attack a couple who are camping in this forest. This felt so wrong to me, when they change into werewolves they still have a conscious, so I didn’t get why he would attack these innocent people. Other than that I really liked how Simon was able to talk to Luke out of it, and how he reminded him of the time that Jocelyn, Clary, Luke and himself went camping and how he taught him how to shave.

Shadowhunters - 20 Things We Learned In Season 2 Episode 6 That Absolutely Blew Our Minds - 1016

Clary asks Sister Cleophas if it’s possible that her mother sent her the rune, she tells her it isn’t and they have this discussion about life after death. I think this was done really nicely. Wow, Yasmin, you say that for almost everything. Isabelle uses a rune so that she can listen to their conversation from afar and hears them talking about the rune that Clary created.

The last Malec scene in this episode is when they’re in the apartment and Alec says that he doesn’t care how many partners Magnus has had, Magnus says that he doesn’t care how many partners Alec hasn’t had. They kiss and it was beautiful, it made my heart melt. Then Jace walks in, this made me laugh out loud because it reminded me of all the times that someone has walked in on somebody kissing or just after sex, really just when something romantic is happening. Jace asks if he can stay with Magnus. I’m really excited about this and I can’t wait to see this on the show.

Isabelle goes back to Aldertree to confront him about the Yin Fen and to tell him everything that happened. When she’s sitting there waiting we see her shaking, as she hasn’t taken Yin Fen in a while, I liked this little detail, it was subtle but it said a lot. When Isabelle tells Aldertree about what happened and how she almost died because of the purity test, he says that he didn’t know and was just trying to help (which was such a lie). She tells him that Clary passed the test “with flying colours” but she doesn’t tell him about the rune, which I appreciated. She then ends up getting more Yin Fen, which shows how even though she knows it’s not good for her she is still addicted.

At the end of the episode we go back to the iron sisters and we see Sister Cleophas kill another Iron Sister and then reveal the Circle rune. Shadowhunters have been doing a really good job with the ending of each episode, they leave you in suspense and I really like how they’re doing that.

Shadowhunters - Introducing Sister Cleophas: Luke's Sister Who's Not To Be Messed With - 1012Shadowhunters - Introducing Sister Cleophas: Luke's Sister Who's Not To Be Messed With - 1013

so those were my thoughts on episode six from season two of Shadowhunters! Overall, I enjoyed this episode, it just wasn’t my favourite.

Let me know if you agreed or disagreed with anything I said here, I’d love to hear your opinions in the comments.

Yasmin xx


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