Shadowhunters season two episode eleven – discussion


season 2B of Shadowhunters has begun which means I am back with more discussions on each episode.

I did enjoy this episode, I don’t think it’s my favourite out of season two, but I did enjoy it and, I loved a certain new character (which I will talk about in this post).

by the way, there will be spoilers for the entire Mortal Instruments series in this discussion (I have also added little asterisks where the spoilers are) as well as for the Infernal Devices.

The episode starts with Jace and Alec training outside of the institute, which at first, I thought was weird, but I fully enjoyed the scene. Alec knows that Jace is hurt about the incident with the soul sword (that happened last season) and is trying to get him to open up about it. Jace being Jace brushes it off and tells him that he’s fine and dismisses Alec’s concern. They end up talking about Jace having more angel blood and how/if he has any ‘special powers’ as Clary does (she can create runes). At this point, Jace just knows that he can activate the soul sword and that’s it. I love Alec and Jace’s relationship, I love their banter and their closeness. We see Jace’s cockiness and his arrogance and I’m loving it! I just love how Shadowhunter’s is using these training scenes to build relationships between the characters.

Clary and Simon are out in the sun sitting on their bench. It’s honestly one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen. I’m really enjoying their relationship on screen, I think Shadowhunters have done a good job with it and haven’t made it feel forced.

Jace and Simon’s relationship! Again, I love it. Simon tells Jace that he knows his secret, (that he has angel blood) and that he won’t tell anyone because he knows that it will put a target on Jace. I also love how Simon goes to hug Jace and Jace just doesn’t want the hug. I love their banter, it’s beautiful.

Something I didn’t like and that bothered me the entire episode is that the Inquisitor’s name is Herondale. Like they could’ve used any other name!

The next scene we have Valentine in a cell being tortured with a rune. Alan Van Sprang is such an amazing actor. I love the way he plays Valentine, even if the lines aren’t always something Valentine would say, he always says them so well. We have this flashback where, I believe, a younger Valentine is in this demonic star and is screaming for his dad. I’m not sure what this has to do with the rest of the plot but I believe it’s important.

Emeraude Toubia is an amazing actress and does not get enough screen time. We have this scene where Izzy is in so much pain because she’s trying to get the vampire venom out of her system. Alec is trying to help her out, he’s worried. Izzy keeps telling him she’s fine and not to worry. I just love all of the scenes with Isabelle because Emeraude does such a good job with them.

We have Izzy go to Raphael for vampire venom and she needs something to take away the pain. I fully appreciate that Raphael says no and that he doesn’t give in. We see how desperate and how addicted she is to vampire venom. The only thing I don’t like is where they’re going with this plot line.

Jace does not want to open up or talk to anyone about what happened with a soul sword. This is something that is a constant throughout this episode. Clary is trying to get Jace to open up, but he won’t because there are still so many things that he hasn’t told Clary, for example, him not being her brother, and he just wants no one to know how he feels. I think this is a really important part of Jace’s character and I really liked how they did this in this episode.

Izzy goes out looking for a vampire to actually give her venom and ends up coming across the greater demon Azazel who tries to kill her. In the end, it is Sebastian who saves her and ends up taking her to his house as she’s weak due to her withdrawal. Something that really confused me and I need answers to is, why did her necklace break? I’m hoping that this is something they go over later on because they spent a significant (not really a lot, but enough to reinforce that this had happened) time on it.

Shadowhunters - Curious About The New Character Sebastian? Here's What We Know So Far - 1002

Everyone thinks that Isabelle has been taken by Azazel, when in fact she was with Sebastian. Also everyone except Alec, Magnus and Raphael think she has the flu. I’m thinking that everyone might find out because something happens later on, but at the moment I have no clue.

*spoilers for the mortal instruments, the blood experiment plot line* Did anyone else think that it was kinda foreshadowing that they all thought a greater demon had Izzy when it was actually Sebastian? You know because cough demon cough blood.

They decide to go to Valentine, as they believe that Circle members broke Azazel out of Dudamel for Valentine. Note, they do not inform the inquisitor. Why? because she’s in a meeting. I’m sitting here like she already thinks they’re working with Valentine and then they decide not to tell her that they think a greater demon has taken Isabelle??

Valentine tells them that they should summon Azazel with Magnus and tell him that Valentine has the cup, using Valentine as bait, so they can trade Valentine for Izzy. I just don’t understand why they would use Valentines idea, but hey, people (meaning Clary) make bad choices. Both Jace and Valentine said they wouldn’t trust Valentine. Clary is so reckless and I kinda appreciate that they’ve kept that a part of her character.

Clary finds out that Jace isn’t her brother! Which was kinda disappointing, I wanted them to drag it out a bit more. But I did like the way it was done. Clary is more upset about the fact that Jace isn’t opening up to her and worried about his emotional state because of this, rather than him not telling her that he isn’t her brother.

We go back to Isabelle and Sebastian and I have mixed feelings. Will Tudor who plays Sebastian, who also played one of my favourite characters (Odi) on Humans, is a great actor. He was able to give off that slightly untrustworthy but also good guy disguise. We find out that he is from the London Institute and left because of a Yin Fen addiction. He gives Izzy this medication that is able to help with the pain.

*spoilers for the Infernal Devices* I’m not liking where they are going with the Yin Fen plot line, it is completely taking away from Jem’s plotline in the Infernal Devices. I do understand/believe that there is some underlying message about drug/alcohol addiction in here and I guess they are trying to show how addicts can seek help and end up being freed from their addiction. (you can totally tell that I take English Literature, wow)

Luke has a new partner, Ollie, and I kinda like this subplot. I love that they subtly mentioned that she has a girlfriend, it’s obviously not a big thing and we haven’t met her but she does just casually mention it. I fully appreciate when shows or books casually mention that a character or side character is in a same-sex relationship. Ollie suspects that Luke is up to something, especially because he won’t tell her much about his life and because he likes to talk in private to people. She takes photos of Luke and Maia talking (about the pack breaking up). I’m kinda interested to see where this goes.

Jace finally opens up! Alec finds Jace crying and they have this really nice moment where Alec is comforting Jace. I think this really shows the bond between them, especially because they did a really bad job of showing the parabatai bond in the first season. I love how they are showing Jace’s vulnerability and his relationship with Alec this season.

We go back to Izzy and Sebastian. Sebastian says so things which are so subtle and that most people will not pick up on unless they have read the mortal instruments. I’m really hoping that they don’t reveal certain things about his character until later in the series, like seriously even if they wait until season three because I love all these little hints.

We actually didn’t get a lot of scenes with Simon in them this episode. Of course there is the daylighter thing which plays a part in Simons plot in this episode. Raphael has found out that Simon is a daylighter and wants to know how. Simon obviously doesn’t tell him and I feel like this is going to develop into a much bigger plotline.

We then have the scene where they summon Azazel. This is the second time they’ve decided to summon a greater demon, and last time nothing happened but it was terrible and I hated it. This time was better but I was still annoyed by the terrible decision these characters were making. Of course, we all know that he doesn’t have Izzy, but they all believe he does. So they decide to get Clary to use her sunlight rune to harm/kill Azazel, which for some reason the rune doesn’t work. And, I’m not surprised, Azazel breaks free and switches Magnus and Valentine. Jace was able to break free and attack Azazel and everyone in confused. I don’t understand why they’re confused because they all know that he has extra angel blood.

Izzy calls Alec and tells her that she’s okay and safe. I thought this was really important and I think it shows how much they care for one another and how at the end of the day, they just want one another to be safe.

Shadowhunters - Check Out Our Official Recap Of The Shadowhunters Summer Premiere - 1012

Once Izzy has finished on the phone we hear the kettle whistling and then Sebastian burning his hand over the stove. It was a very weird and suspicious scene. I kinda liked it.

Shadowhunters - Curious About The New Character Sebastian? Here's What We Know So Far - 1007

Jace and Clary finally talk about the brother-sister issue and Jace’s abilities. It wasn’t like they cried and hugged and it was overly emotional. It was a small conversation and I really appreciated it.

The episode ends with Valentine (in Mangus’s body) walking down the street. I don’t really like body swap thing, but if they do a good job with it then I might change my mind. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Shadowhunters - Check Out Our Official Recap Of The Shadowhunters Summer Premiere - 1014

so, you read all the way to the end of this pretty long discussion. I hope you enjoyed it. If you agree of disagree with anything I’ve said here or have any ideas as to what they’re going to do in the upcoming episodes, let me know by commenting!

Yasmin xx


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