season two of Shadowhunters has just begun and since it’s based on one of my favourite series, The Mortal Instruments, I thought it would be fun to share my thoughts on each episode as they come out!

I do have a season one discussion if you would like to go see that

this discussion will contain spoilers not only for this episode but for the entire Mortal Instruments series, just letting those of you who haven’t seen the episode or finished the series know before I start the discussion

overall this episode has given me a lot more hope for this series not just as an adaptation but also as a show.

The pacing, which I think was a big issue in the first season, of the show, has gotten a bit better.

In my opinion, the acting has gotten a lot better, I don’t know if this is because the actors have gotten to know not only their characters but also one another better.

The dialogue in this episode was so much better than it was the last season. A lot of the dialogue in the first season felt very cheesy and made me cringe. while this season the dialogue felt a lot more like things these characters would actually say.

The relationships between all of the characters felt more like they did in the books which were really good. In season one I felt like Simon and Clary’s relationship felt off, while in this episode I feel like they feel more like best friends.

One of the things I was really happy about was the fact that Clary confronted Jocelyn about her lying to her for years about who she was. I was worried that they were going to leave that out.

In this scene, Clary gives Jocelyn the box with Sebastian’s baby things in it and Clary tells her that her brother is alive. Jocelyn doesn’t believe it because she “saw them burn”, this annoyed me because Jocelyn knew from day one that they didn’t die in the fire so it’s irritating to see them trying to pretend she didn’t. I do think they’ve done this because they woke Jocelyn up early and it would be confusing because Sebastian hasn’t even been mentioned on the show yet.

Another thing that didn’t sit right with me, when it comes to Jocelyn and Valentine’s history and the experiments were done on Jace, Clary and Sebastian, is when Valentine tells Jace he experimented in him with demon blood when Valentine knows exactly what he did to Jace.

I really like that the runes are black, I know this is a minor thing but in the first season it really annoyed me that they looked like bruises.

I really appreciated the fact that they mentioned de-runeing stripping a shadowhunter of their runes, it’s little things like this which give me a little more hope for this show.

I liked to see that and they like throughout this episode we see Valentine talking about how Shadowhunters and better than Downworlders and how he hates them. One of the things I really liked is that they touched upon the fact that the majority of Shadowhunters do not like Downworlders and, like Valentine, believe that they’re better than them. We see Victor kick Magnus, Simon and Luke (even though he was once a Shadowhunter) out of the Institute, even when Simon mentions that it’s almost dawn Victor tells him that he can figure something out. It shows how little they care about Downworlders as he doesn’t even care that Simon could die.

I don’t like the way they showed Magnus doing magic in his apartment. I don’t know if it was because he was shirtless on his balcony or something else but whatever it was it which made me feel really uncomfortable.

the last few minutes of the episode felt really rushed, which was sad because the rest of it had been nicely paced. At the end of the episode, everything happened so quickly it didn’t make it a lot of sense until I rewatched the ending.

Even though I had a few problems with this episode, it is much better than last season and I hope that they show continues to improve

let me know what you thought about this episode, if you agreed or disagreed with me, in the comments

Yasmin xx


4 thoughts on “Shadowhunters episode one season two – discussion 

  1. Ooh yes I definitely agree with you about this episode being far better than the stuff from last season! I’m kind of glad I didn’t give up on the show haha. And err, I kind of liked the scene with Magnus on his balcony but each to their opinion! I feel like that’s exactly the kind of thing Magnus would do though and I loved how there was more of Magnus and Alec’s relationship stuff in this episode.

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    1. I liked the scene as a whole I just for some reason didn’t understand why there was so many shirtless scenes in this episode, That was probably the reason why I didn’t like that scene. I really liked all the relationships in this episode, they were all done really well
      – Yasmin

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