I enjoyed this episode more than last weeks episode, however, I’m not sure if it’s my favourite episode from this season or not.

this discussion will have spoilers for not only this episode but the whole mortal instruments series.

At the beginning of the episode Alec was beating himself up over having a part in Jocelyn’s death. Even know we all know that it wasn’t Alec’s fault, he still blames himself for it. I liked how they did this, it helped build Clary and Alec’s relationship and I think we will see them be more understanding towards each other. However, I wish we got more time with Jace in this episode, there were only a few times when we got to see how Jace was doing and I wish we had gotten to see more of his character throughout the episode.

For the first time, I wasn’t really impressed by Simon’s scenes. As usual, Alberto did an amazing job portraying Simon, I just didn’t like what they did with his character this episode. At the beginning of this episode, we see Simon saying a prayer, this was nice to see (as we did get to see more of Simon’s Jewish background) however, I didn’t think that vampires could say prayers and this just felt inaccurate.

From the promo for this episode, I thought the majority of the episode would be about Clary bringing her mother back from the dead. However, only a small amount of the episode was focused on this. From this necromancy plotline, we got this weird demon baby plot, which was honestly super weird and was something I honestly don’t like. In the end, Iris Rouse leaves through a portal and tells Clary that she still owes her a favour, I hope that they bring this favour back up later in the season or maybe even next season, if the show gets renewed for a third season.

I really like that the show has been including training sessions in almost every single episode. I think are a nice way for us to see the characters. We got to see a training session with Izzy and Jace this week which was really nice. Last season we got a small joke about Isabelle’s cooking, this episode we got to see that again!

Isabelle wants to go see Aldertree because she wants to lead the mission to the Iron Sisters, as she’s still injured (from the demon possession last episode) Aldertree says she can’t but he’d give her some Yin Fen to help heal her. When Aldertree said Yin Fen I had to pause the show because I was so shocked! This plot is the first thing from Shadowhunters which has really shocked me, I really want to see what they do with this plot line. I hope they don’t just brush it off and forget about it in a few episodes because if this is the way they’re introducing content from The Infernal Devices, they better do a good job of it.

Simon’s mother and sisters reaction to him being a vampire was so disappointing. In the books, Elaine decorates the house with Jewish signs and symbols so that Simon cannot come back, this has a huge effect on his character. When the blood is found in his room I was expecting a lot more, I was expecting his sister to respond by saying, “I’m flushing this blood. Stop acting weird.” I expected Elaine to respond like she did in the books rather than having her accept him and tell him it’s okay.

This episode we got to see Clary’s rune power! I really liked how they did this, we got to see her picturing the rune and then drawing it onto her hand. The only thing I didn’t like about this scene was that it felt exactly like the scene from the movie, other than that, I really liked how they introduced it.

I was really glad that they didn’t bring Jocelyn back from the dead. In my episode three discussion I said that I because we constantly see these characters put into near death experiences and always make it out perfectly fine, this takes away from the emotional effect that they’re supposed to have on us. I think that them not bringing Jocelyn back from the dead makes a statement and shows that they’re don’t regret discussions they’ve made.

we got to see Jocelyn’s funeral in this episode. Previously when they showed the parabati ceremony it felt slightly rushed. We got to see a lot of the funeral which was nice. This scene was one of the first scenes in this show that made me teary eyed. Seeing Clary breakdown when she went to say her mothers’ name made me really sad. I think that Shadowhunters has done a really good job when it comes to all the emotional scenes this season.

I was very confused as to where Luke was the entire episode. I would’ve thought that he would have been an important part of this episode as he was close to Jocelyn. The episode ends and we see him in the woods naked, wounded (I believe) and looking up at the moon. I’m assuming that he’s changing into a werewolf, but I’m not really sure.


overall I enjoyed this episode, just like the rest of the episodes in this season, the pacing, the acting and the dialogue has improved. All of the character interactions felt authentic and weren’t awkward to watch. I just think that Shadowhunters are doing some weird things with their plot lines.

let me know if you agreed or disagreed with anything I said here


Yasmin xx


4 thoughts on “Shadowhunters season two episode five – discussion

  1. WAIT WHAT? They offered Isabelle yin fen??? Did she take it? I need to know more about this. I was not expecting that at all! Holy cow.

    Great recap! My mom calls me every week to talk to me about what happened because she knows I’ve read all the books, but the show is taking a completely different direction that I anticipated and I’m glad I’ve got your anecdotes from each episode to keep me up to date, haha 🙂

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    1. Isabelle took it, you can see her becoming addicted to it. I hope they keep her addicted to it bc we know it is highly addictive and will kill you.
      They are adding little bits from different books and so far they’re doing a good job of it. There are theories that Aldertree is Sebastian using a shapeshifter rune and since it was him who gave Izzy the Yin Fen. The show is not like the books but it takes elements from different places in the series and is using them in a really interesting way.
      Aw thank you! Do you not watch the show? I think I’m watching it because it’s my favourite series and I’m interested in the direction they’re going in
      – Yasmin

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      1. Oh my god, that sounds AMAZING. I did start watching the show with my mom when I visited her over winter break, but when I got back to my house + college and such, it got relegated to the back burner. I’m going to try and make an effort to get caught up!

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