Shadowhunters episode nine season two – discussion 


I think this week’s episode of Shadowhunters was pretty good, not so much a memorable episode, but still a good episode. There was a few things that weren’t so great but I pretty much had no problems with this episode.

this discussion will have spoilers for this episode and for the entire Mortal Instruments series.

The episode starts and we have Clary and Simon in the canoe making out. It honestly was such a funny scene, I loved it! We have Jace come in, as he said in last week’s episode that he won’t let Clary out of his sight. Jace is worried that she’s not safe here in Simon’s ‘house’ we have Clary say, “it’s okay, I’m safe here.” Jace wants her back at the institute and Simon’s says that  “I’m not sure that’s how hiding works, the whole point is to not be what everyone thinks you are” I love their banter, I think they’ve gotten a hold of their relationship and I like what they’re doing with it.

Honestly love seeing the two of them than being protective of Clary, before we would get to see him attempt to but as Jace had the ability to look after her better, as he is a Shadowhunter, Simon was kinda brushed off. Now that he is a vampire he has that advantage and I hope that we get to see Simon argue that. Simon’s lines, as usual, are so funny and just great.  I love how he says, “I’m not afraid of them [The Circle] I’ve been working on my fighting skills” I thought it was really funny and it reminded me of the scene in the first season with Simon says something along the lines of, I can handle a rune, I thought this was just so funny and just like that little connection.

We then see Clary’s hand start to go black and she’s in a lot of pain. No one knows what’s going on and what’s happened. They go to Magnus’s and he tells her that this is happening because of the blood oath and that she needs to go find Madzie or this ‘infection’ will continue to grow and once it eventually reaches her heart she’ll die.

Shadowhunters - 20 Things In S2E9 That Made Us Question Everything We Ever Knew About Shadowhunters - 1004

Aldertree is back at the Institute and Isabelle goes to him, he says that he is glad that she looks well and that she was able to ween herself off Yin Fen so quickly. This really bugged me because you can’t ween yourself off Yin Fen, that’s made very clear to us in The Infernal Devices. We then have Aldertree ask Izzy on a date. I was just sitting there thinking to myself ‘what the heck is going on! this is really weird!’ Looking at it now I can kind of see Sebastian in his character, maybe he works for Sebastian and/or Valentine or maybe they’ll use the shapeshifter rune. I hope they don’t go with the latter because that rune can create a lot of plot holes and it’s just an easy fix to almost everything.

Shadowhunters - 20 Things In S2E9 That Made Us Question Everything We Ever Knew About Shadowhunters - 1005

We then have Clary go to Luke and tell him what happened. We have and Luke blaming himself or what has happened to Clary because he wasn’t able to protect her straight after Jocelyn died. I wish we got to see more of Luke than we are at the moment, I realised that after Jocelyn died we have seen and less and less of Luke and I think I’m hoping that we get to see more of this character. Also because I feel like the only times we seem him is when there is a problem that directly affects him, for example, the issue with the soul sword in last week’s episode.

We have Jace’s  jealousy starting to show and I like how it’s going. He doesn’t want her to go get Simon and even though she wants him with her. Clary is going to get Simon from his place and a wolf comes out and tries to attack her. We find out that it’s Maia and she was trying to kill Clary because she knows what the soul sword can do. This didn’t feel like Maia at all, I think this all felt out of place. Maia wouldn’t make such an impulsive decision. Luke then locks Maia inside this shed because he doesn’t want her to hurt Clary. I had lots of problems with this, it just didn’t feel right and like something Luke would do.

We have Valentine at this abandoned Circus, and my first thought was this is really corny. I feel like in so many shows and movies when things go wrong they’re at an abandoned place, I know this adds to the creepiness of it and then you link it to clowns, which is something that is used quite commonly to add creepiness. We find out that Valentine needs Dott so that she can teach Madzie a spell from the spellbook they stole from Magnus.

Shadowhunters - Everything We Know About Madzie So Far!  - 1012Shadowhunters - 20 Things In S2E9 That Made Us Question Everything We Ever Knew About Shadowhunters - 1008

We then have a scene with Isabel and Raphael and we are beginning to establish a relationship between them. We have them cooking and it’s kinda cute. We find out more about Raphael’s past and his sister, which was nice.I do enjoy that we are getting to see more of Raphael and that we get to see more is past and more of his character, mostly because I thought they weren’t really going to really dive into his character too much just because it didn’t seem like they weren’t doing much with his character in the first season and in earlier episodes in this season.

I don’t like what they’re doing with Isabelle and Raphael’s relationship. I find it to be very toxic and unhealthy. Later on, in the episode, we do have Magnus address this when he and Alec come in and find out about Izzy of Yin Fen and their relationship. Alec is angry with Magnus because he had suspicions about Izzy being on Yin Fen but didn’t tell Alec as he wasn’t one hundred percent certain about her being on Yin Fen or not. Raphael says he has feelings for Izzy and Magnus tells him that it’s just his addiction talking and tells him to ask himself how he feels about Izzy when he’s no longer addicted to her blood.

Jace goes to make a deal with Valentine in order to get Madzie to Clary. While this is happening we have a really nice Climon scene. They’re on the roof of Simons van, as Clary said “if I’m going to die, it’s not going to be in this van” We have both of them become really tearful and emotional. I think this scene was done beautifully and it wasn’t over the top or super cheezy, it still felt like them and I think that’s what I really enjoyed about this scene.

At the end of the episode, we have Jace bring Madzie to Clary and she is healed. Madzie then creates a portal and takes Clary with her to Valentine. When Jace and Simon go to rescue Clary and Simon ends up getting taken by Valentine and the episode ends. Personally, this all felt rushed, it made sense as to why it was rushed because it does all happen fairly quickly. I think this was a impactful ending to the episode and I just really loved it.

Shadowhunters - Everything We Know About Madzie So Far!  - 1015Shadowhunters - 20 Things In S2E9 That Made Us Question Everything We Ever Knew About Shadowhunters - 1019Shadowhunters - 20 Things In S2E9 That Made Us Question Everything We Ever Knew About Shadowhunters - 1021




So those were my thoughts on episode nine in season two of Shadowhunters! Like always let me know if you agree or disagree with anything I said here in the comments

Yasmin xx


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