Shadowhunters season two episode seven – discussion


so I have mixed feelings about what happened in this episode of Shadowhunters. There were so many things that I really liked about this episode but there were a few things I didn’t like which really like which is why I have mixed feelings.

this discussion will have spoilers for this episode as well as spoilers for the whole Mortal Instruments series.

At the beginning of the episode, Sister Cleophas has found Valentine and they’re discussing her loyalty to him. Valentine asks her why she ignited her circle rune if she wasn’t really loyal to him because once she thought he was dead she gave up and went back to the Clave. This scene reminded me so much of the scene in the Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire movie where Voldemort is having a go at everyone because they all hid and gave up after he died. This was also made stronger by the fact that the Circle rune can somehow summon Valentine just like how the dark mark was able to summon Voldemort.

We then have this scene of Valentine dragging an old man inside this concrete room, at the time we don’t know who this is but we find out later that it’s the angel Ithuriel. Honestly, I was just very confused by this and kind of forgot about it until later in the episode.

We then move to a scene with Clary in the institute and she can hear this noise, which no one else can hear. She then asks this random girl in the institute if she could hear it, and she couldn’t. This same girl is seen in a scene later in the episode and I’m wondering if they’ll use her again in a later episode like they did with Raj, well Raj kind of just turned up for two episodes then disappeared so yeah.

We are then back at Magnus’s apartment where Alec and Magnus have just come back from traveling and Alec has brought Magnus back a gift! It is supposed to bring him luck and protection, and I thought this was so adorable and I just really loved it.

We have a scene with Simon and Clary, where Clary walks in on him putting his shirt on. She asks him why he’s getting all dressed up and he says he’s going to go hang out with Maia and asks if she’s okay with that. Clary responds by saying, “No that’s completely unacceptable, I am your only friend, it’s in the by-laws, come on!” I love their banter and just the way their relationship has been portrayed on screen, I say this every single time but it’s true and I will continue to say this until they mess up. Simon realises that somethings up and Clary briefly explains but says she okay, Simon offers to reschedule just to look after her and make sure she’s okay, but Clary tells him not to worry. Honestly, this made my heart flutter, it was so sweet and I loved it so much. I believe that Clary and Simon are going to become a couple, and I’m really excited to see this on screen.

We then hear Jace and a girl in another room and at first, I thought it was Aline because the show is adding little bits from loads of different books (so far I’m enjoying this), but I was wrong. We never find out who this girl is but we do get this almost sex scene between them, I really don’t know how I feel about this scene. We then have Alec walk in and tell him he’s needed at the institute and really this just felt off to me too. This scene as a whole just didn’t sit right with me.

Clary and Alec have gotten this Angelic rune alert on their phones so that if they’re needed at the institute they know. I thought this was kinda cheesy but I didn’t mind it too much. They find out about what happened at the end of the last episode with Sister Cleophas and they immediately think that she’s the victim in this situation. I’m so confused as to why no one knows who was a part of the Circle because for some reason in the first season we were told that no one is allowed to talk about the Circle because it hurts them. Alec then goes off to go help with something and Izzy and Clary are together and Izzy just brings up Clary’s rune power in front of everyone, at this point I’m sitting there with my head in my hands because Aldertree has previously said that he has eyes everywhere and Izzy is now sharing information, that she was supposed to tell him, where anyone can hear. Isabelle is really annoyed that Clary didn’t tell her about this because she thought they’d built that kind of relationship between them. This was really well done and I hope they don’t just brush this off because I kinda want to see them rebuild their relationship after this.

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Isabelle is then in Aldertree’s office and she’s looking for Yin Fen but the tin is empty. This random girl from earlier then turns up again and asks what she’s doing in there, Isabelle says she’s got orders from Aldertree and the girl just brushes it off. We do get to see Izzy’s dependency on the drug and how addicted she is to it. The writers have done such a good job with this plot line and I’m loving it!

We then are back in the Hunters Moon where Magnus is holding his present from Alec and he’s telling Maia about how much it means to him and he’s so used to people asking for things from him and he’s not used to receiving things from people. This was so beautiful and I really liked this little scene with Maia and Magnus.

Isabelle enters and she’s looking for someone so she can buy some Yin Fen off them. Magnus sees her and is wondering what she’s doing so goes up to her and tells the guy that he’s banned from North America (I believe) and so he leaves. He questions Isabelle about what she’s doing looking for Yin Fen and tells her to be careful and that Yin Fen “nearly cost my friend Jem his life,” when Magnus said this I had to pause the episode to take a moment collect myself. I’ve already said this during this discussion but I’m going to say it again, I really love what they’re doing with this Yin Fen plot line!

We go to a scene with Clary and Luke, where Clary just randomly brings up the fact that she can create runes. I thought this was really weird because earlier in the episode she had said that she couldn’t tell Izzy about it because Jace said it would put her in danger but it was okay for her to tell Luke.

We go back to the Hunters Moon where Simon has just arrived, two hours early, for his date with Maia. While he’s waiting for Maia, Izzy comes up to Simon and they are catching up. At first, I really liked this. He tells her that he’s nervous about his date with Maia and she says that Shadowhunter blood is good for curing anxiety. At this point I was very confused, I thought they were going to do this instead of having Jace feed him his blood so that he becomes a day lighter. Izzy then says that this is a joke and then this is pushed aside.

Cleophas arrives at the Jade Wolf and she’s injured. I didn’t really like a lot of the scenes with her in it. It didn’t feel right that Luke knew she was a member of the Circle, making this common knowledge, and then the Clave still allowing her to be an Iron Sister. This just really bugged me.

We are then back at the Hunters Moon and we have some really great scenes with Jace and Simon. Jace felt like book Jace. We see Maia interacting with Jace occasionally which was really great, as the last time we saw them together she was trying to kill him. One of my favourite lines from Maia is when she gives Jace the tequila shots he says thanks and Maia just says, “I spat in one” I laughed out loud, it was just great. Jace is trying to teach Simon how to flirt with girls and Simon does this beautiful impression of Jace, “this is me trying to be you, dark mysterious” to which Jace responds, “it looks like you’re low on fibre” Honestly, these scenes were so good! The only thing that really ruined this was the use of a shapeshifting rune. I don’t like this rune at all, it creates so many plot holes and it’s really just unnecessary. We have barely seen anyone using runes and it’s really disappointing that every time someone is using a rune, they’re using a shapeshifting rune.

I love how Clary knew Cleophas was working with Valentine was because she called her Clarissa, and only Valentine calls her that. I think these scene with Luke and Clary was really nice and the dialogue was great. Clary wants to use Cleophas to get to Valentine and Luke doesn’t want her to because she could get hurt, Clary says, “isn’t that what cops do? Go undercover” and Luke replied, “I didn’t realise you had a badge” I live for dialogue like this.

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I’m now going to talk about the Malec having sex issue, as I believe there were consent issues I am adding a trigger warning, so it’s safe to read after the two asterisks.

We go back to Magnus and Alec, Alec has been dealing with weather or not it’s the right time for him to have sex with Magnus. This entire scene felt very wrong, in my opinion. Alec runs in and he kisses Magnus and it’s really cute, they then have this very small conversation about Alec saying he’s ready to do this, while Magnus isn’t so sure. Alec tells him it’s okay and I feel like he kind of dismissed Magnus’s feelings about them having sex. Alec then goes and starts kissing Magnus again and leads him into the bedroom, then the scene ends.

because it was it wasn’t clear as to whether of not consent was given, so many people were asking questions about this. Becuase of this one of the showrunners Darren Swimmer tweeted this

On most TV shows when this happens it usually means that they had sex. I think one of the reasons why I had an issue with this, as well as a lot of other people, is because earlier on in this episode we see this girl and Jace having sex and then we don’t see anything from Malec which is a problem. I really hope that they discuss what happened here in the next episode.

for those of you know haven’t seen the episode, here’s a link to where you can watch this scene just so you can understand this better.


While Cleophas and Clary are going to Valentine Clary hears the noise that she hear earlier in the institute. Cleophas didn’t know what noise Clary was hearing so she used a hearing rune to hear it and we find out that it’s Ithuriel crying because he’s in pain/captive. This annoyed me, as it takes away from Clary’s ability to communicate with Ithuriel.

Simon and Maia go for their date near the end of the episode. I think it was really cute and I really liked how they were able to talk about all the nerdy things they like. They shut down any possibility of them having a romantic relationship quite quickly. If you follow Cassandra Clare or Todd Slavkin (one of the showrunners) on Twitter, you’ll know that they’re not going to have the Simon cheating on Maia and Izzy plot line. (Here’s a link to the tweet if you haven’t seen it and you’re interested in it) this could be because they aren’t going to use this plot line or because they do want to have Clary and Simon as a couple, just like in the books. I do think it’s the latter as Maia does say to Simon, “you’re in love with Clary.” I am glad that we will get to see their friendship grow, rather than a romantic relationship.

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We are then taken back to the Hunters Moon where Jace is with these three Faerie girls being a flirt, Luke walks in and as soon as he tells him Clary is in trouble he gets right up and runs out of there. I think this was such a great Jace moment, I really loved the way they portrayed Jace during this episode.

I said earlier that I really don’t like the Cleophas Valentine thing that was going on during this episode. But, we do have this really good scene with Luke and Valentine. Valentine’s lines here were very authentic, “it’s not torture, it’s a means to an end.” He also brings up the fact that Luke is his parabati, that he stole Jocelyn from him (you cannot steal a person from someone because you cannot own a person by the way). I think this scene was done really well and I really liked it.

Okay, so the last thing I’d like to talk about is the fight scene on the roof. While I did really like the fight scene, I loved that we got to see Jace and Clary fighting side by side. The thing that ruined this scene for me was the CGI because it was awful. There were these weird lightning strikes going off every five seconds which was visually annoying, the sky looked so fake and poorly edited. Money that was spent on the shapeshifting rune earlier in this episode could’ve been spent on the final scene in this episode because it needed all the help it could get.

At the end of the episode, we see Clary create another rune and then Ithuriel show his ‘true form.’ Now I was expecting some mind blowing angelic masterpiece, I was sadly very disappointed. His wings reminded me of the way my cat’s fur looks when he’s gotten wet wrong the rain. They looked so bad. In my notebook I wrote down, ‘I am disappointed.’ When you spend the whole episode going on about revealing his true form, his true form better be pretty impressive. The fact that the actor that they used for Ithuriel didn’t look the way I imagined him to was disappointing, but the fact that this portrayal of angels was done so poorly, especially because Cleophas said that they are “beloved, winged, celestial beings” during episode six.

Clary says that “he’s trying to communicate with me” and both Clary and Jace both see a terribly edited vision of this person that looks like the Grim Reaper turning to dust. It cuts back to them on the roof and Ithuriel literally shoots up into the air like a rocket ship. Even though they both see the vision, I wish Jace had also been able to hear the angel as he also has more angelic blood in him than your average Shadowhunter.

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so that was all of my thoughts on this episode of Shadowhunters. Please let me know if you agreed or disagreed with anything I said here

Yasmin xx


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