Shadowhunters, episode ten season two – discussion


episode ten of Shadowhunters aired well over a week ago and I am so sorry for posting this discussion late. As I have been saying for the past month, I have been really busy with school and I still haven’t figured out a plan for managing my blog and education.

I was not expecting what happened to happen like it did in this episode.I was very shocked (in a good way) at what they did and how they did it. I really loved this episode and I think it was a perfect way to end the winter season.

I was just very happy with the episode as a whole, I felt a lot of feelings and I can honestly say that I’m enjoying the show.

This discussion will have (minor) spoilers for the Mortal Instruments series as well as for this episode, there will be spoilers for the entire plot of this episode.

During the recap of the last episode, we have them mention the vampires that Valentine has experimented on. They brush over this and don’t really discuss it, other than the fact that almost all the shadowhuters are out taking care of them. I think it’d be very interesting to see more of Valentine’s experiments as I really liked the way they’d incorporated it.

The episode starts and there has been a breach anyone running around the Institute. The elevator doors open and Madzie is standing there and there are four unconscious or dead shadowhunters lying around her. All I could think was what! This little thing really showed her power and how even though she’s a small child, she’s still super powerful.  Madzie takes off her scarf and uses her gills which are able to suck the oxygen out of the room and suffocate the people around her. I was kind of confused by this, I didn’t think that Warlock marks do anything other than telling others that they’re warlocks.

Shadowhunters - 32  Shocking Things that Happened in the Shadowhunters Winter Finale  - 1002

We have Clary and Jace at the abandoned circus. Clary states that the only reason why Valentine has taken Simon is because she cares about him, she continues by saying that he’s innocent he hasn’t done anything and he doesn’t deserve this because he hasn’t done anything. I really liked this. I can’t put my finger on why, but I just like it.

Luke arrives and we find out that there is no one else left in the Circus and that Cleophas can’t be found. I’m wondering if we get to see her in the second half of this season or in later seasons as we didn’t see her later on in this episode.

Clary gets a video call from Valentine. He has Simon tied to a chair and I really liked this. I didn’t really like how it was filmed (when we see the video on Clary’s phone while she’s holding it). I liked it when we got to see it just on the screen, full. I don’t know there’s just something off about seeing Clary holding the phone watching a video.

Shadowhunters - 32  Shocking Things that Happened in the Shadowhunters Winter Finale  - 1004

Clary is being her reckless self and is going on about how she needs to rescue Simon. Luke, as always, is telling her not to be so reckless. I love seeing Clary being so reckless and the annoying character I enjoyed reading about.

We find out that “every Institute is powered by an angelic core.” I’m really sick of these really convenient plots that don’t feel like something from the books. Luke says that this angelic cores can somehow produce enough energy to create lightning. I didn’t like this, it was weird and just didn’t sit right.

Clary still wants to go get Simon and she says she won’t activate the sword. Somehow Dot is there and was listening to their conversation and decides to tell them that Jace can destroy the sword. I really don’t like how they have involved Dot in this season, it’s random and her character is all over the place.

Shadowhunters - 32  Shocking Things that Happened in the Shadowhunters Winter Finale  - 1005

As Luke believes that this probably just another trap, they go to Magnus to get more information. They tell/show Magnus about the vision they got from Ithurel and we find out that the sword can be destroyed by a demonic Morgenstern, but they will be destroyed as well. I had so many things running through my head when this was said, I was thinking about how they would use this to reveal that Jace has extra angelic blood in him not demon blood, and possibly introduce Sebastian! Sebastian is one of my favourite antagonists, so I’m really hoping that they portray him well in the show.

Jace believes that he is the demonic Morgenstern and says that he will go touch the sword and destroy it, obviously destroying him at the same time. Clary goes on about how he is being so reckless and she tells him he can’t do it. Jace’s response to this was amazing, “says the girl who is about to destroy yourself for the down world, what yesterday” I loved this it was just great because we know that Clary would’ve done the same thing if she was in Jace’s place.

Shadowhunters - 20 Times We Thought People Were Going To DIE In The Winter Finale Of Shadowhunters - 1003

We have Raphael and Isabelle together on the couch. Izzy is complaining about Alec which then turns into a conversation about how Raphael feels about Isabelle. She goes to kiss him and he turns away. We find out that Raphael is asexual, which was super exciting because I’ve never seen an asexual character on a TV show/movie before. Something I really appreciated was when Izzy asked it, “being a vampire made you this way?” I loved how he said he’s always been like this.

I was really disappointed by what they did next in this scene. Izzy asks him to turn off her phone, or something like that because Alec keeps calling and texting her (which we know is because of what is happening at the Institute). Raphael sees, because of Alec’s text, that the Institute is under attack and that Alec needs Isabelle’s help and he ignores it and hides her phone. I think this really took away from the positive things that’s happened in this scene.

We have Luke and Jace in the car together. Jace is on the phone to Alec and they’re talking about what to do and if they’re all ok. Jace says that he’s worried and Luke brings up the fact that Valentine’s his parabati, again. It’s really bugging me how this is something that comes up all the time, it’s losing its meaning because of they bring it up all the time, just like they do with the Falcon story.

We have Aldertree and Alec team up to shut down the power core, which they don’t end up doing. When they’re up on the roof trying to shut down the power core but Aldertree can’t because he doesn’t have access to it. Alec asks him why he’s trying to help because he hates downworlders. Aldertree tells a story about how he was once in love with a werewolf, Eva, and that one day a demon killed all of her pack and because he was so upset and couldn’t control her emotions, Eva tried to kill him so he killed her. He went on about how it “was her nature” and how this was when he realised that “a shadowhunter could never be with a downworlder.” I honestly didn’t care, I thought this was all fake and was Aldertree trying to gain Alec’s trust. In this episode, I felt that Aldertree was really dodgy and I didn’t like it. I did like him as an antagonist but not as a protagonist.

Shadowhunters - 32  Shocking Things that Happened in the Shadowhunters Winter Finale  - 1013

We have Magnus and Clary on the balcony and they both can’t do anything and we have Magnus say that he feels so powerless and I thought this was a nice little play on words. Valentine then video calls Clary again and we have him slit Simon’s throat because he thought she needed more incentive. I was love with this, not because Simon got hurt, but because we got to see Valentine actually do something. Clary then gets really angry and tells Magnus that he’s going to portal her to the institute now.

Shadowhunters - 20 Times We Thought People Were Going To DIE In The Winter Finale Of Shadowhunters - 1006

we go back to Luke and Jace and Maia comes out of nowhere and stops their car. I really don’t like her character on the show. She’s very hotheaded and reckless, she’s quick to hurt other people because of how she feels. I’m hoping that they change this but they might not.

Shadowhunters - 20 Times We Thought People Were Going To DIE In The Winter Finale Of Shadowhunters - 1008

Magnus portals Clary to the institute. I really liked how we had Clary tell Magnus that he’s not going to activate the sword, I loved that he tells her that Simons going to be okay. I thought it was a really nice moment.

Raphael goes to attack and kill Clary as she could kill them. Jace tells them that he has a plan. We have all the downworlders join together like we see in City of Glass but not. I was expecting you know that was such an important and Powerful scene in the books of a session important and I feel like it just wasn’t as great the show.

Clary goes into the institute and Simon has lost a lot of blood, she feeds him her blood so that he doesn’t die. All I could think was does Jace actually have demon blood? will Clary now be addicted to vampire venom like Izzy? One out of two of those questions were answered. It was actually Jace using the shapeshifter rune! I hated the shapeshifter rune in previous episodes. I absolutely loved how they used it here, it was shocking and was just so good!

Shadowhunters - 32  Shocking Things that Happened in the Shadowhunters Winter Finale  - 1014

We go back to Alec and Aldertree and a bunch of Circle members come and go to attack them. Isabelle appears and kicks ass and I loved it! Afterwards, she collapses into Alec’s arms and we see her and Aldertree share this look. I don’t know if this is because he feels guilty because of what he’s done or not but I’m assuming that they’re going to go into this more in the next part of the season.

Shadowhunters - 32  Shocking Things that Happened in the Shadowhunters Winter Finale  - 1016Shadowhunters - 20 Times We Thought People Were Going To DIE In The Winter Finale Of Shadowhunters - 1014

Clary and Magnus are inside the institute. Clary goes off to find Simon while Magnus is looking after Madzie, he decides to look after her, like he’s done with other downworlders, and help her.

Jace and Simons’s relationship was so good during this episode! Their banter was great. They took this straight from the books and my little heart sing. Simon is apologising for drinking so much of Jace’s blood and says, “I could’ve killed you” Jace says, “I would’ve let you” I’m just going to leave you with that because I don’t know how else to explain my love of this.

They walk in and Valentine has Clary and is trying to force her to touch the sword, this took so much time and I was kinda getting sick of it. Valentine is pushed away thanks to Simon and everything seems fine. We then have Jace go up to touch the mortal sword. Clary’s telling him to stop, she is tearing up, I’m tearing up. He touches the sword and it shocks him and he goes flying back. I was shook. They did this so well! The way the revealed that Jace doesn’t have demon blood, very well done.

Shadowhunters - 32  Shocking Things that Happened in the Shadowhunters Winter Finale  - 1019

Valentine gets up and says  “you and nothing but predictable son” and just as all the downworlders come in and are about to attack he lifts the sword and kills all the downworlders in the room. Simon is still alive because he’s a daylighter but every other downworlder in the world was dead (I thought). It turns out the blast was “contained within the Atamis in the walls”  The only character that we actually knew that died was Alaric, who isn’t super important, and convienently all of the main characters got out just in time which took away from how awful it was.

Shadowhunters - 32  Shocking Things that Happened in the Shadowhunters Winter Finale  - 1020

Jace and Valentine are outside fighting and Valentine reveals that Jace is not Valentine or Jocelyn’s son and that he’s not Clary’s sister. I didn’t like that this was so early in the show. It could’ve been done at a better time. Jace is about to stab and kill Valentine but Clary stops him because she says he’s only one who knows where the mortal Cup is. The sword has then disappeared. Valentine is then taken to the Institute and he says that he doesn’t know where the sword is.

Shadowhunters - 32  Shocking Things that Happened in the Shadowhunters Winter Finale  - 1022Shadowhunters - 32  Shocking Things that Happened in the Shadowhunters Winter Finale  - 1023

Magnus and Alec have such a beautiful scene. Alec tells him that he was so worried and thought he’d died and they end up telling each other they love each other. It was such a beautiful scene and I was so happy.

Shadowhunters - 32  Shocking Things that Happened in the Shadowhunters Winter Finale  - 1026Shadowhunters - 32  Shocking Things that Happened in the Shadowhunters Winter Finale  - 1027

Simon finds out that he can go in the sun and runs to go tell Clary. They’re outside and they’re hugging and it’s so cute and I loved it. We have Jace come outside, as he’s going to tell Clary that they’re not siblings but he doesn’t because her and Simon are having a moment and he doesn’t want to ruin it for her and he wants her to be happy.

Shadowhunters - 32  Shocking Things that Happened in the Shadowhunters Winter Finale  - 1032

The episode ends and we have a hooded figure walking with the mortal sword on their shoulder. We know it’s Sebastian. The way he walked it was just so good. I thought this was a perfect way to end the winter season!

Shadowhunters - 32  Shocking Things that Happened in the Shadowhunters Winter Finale  - 1033

Overall I really enjoyed this episode. I’m pretty sure it’s my favourite out of all of them.

let me know if you disagreed or agreed with anything I said here in the comments, also tell me what your favourite part of the episode was

Yasmin xx


Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them – my thoughts and feelings


I saw Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them a few days ago and I wanted to share my thoughts and feelings about this movie. I will have spoilers in this discussion so if you don’t want to be spoiled, come back and read this after you’ve seen the movie.


I absolutely loved Fantastic Beasts, I loved getting to relive all the magic and feel all the excitement that I felt when I first read the Harry Potter books and watched the movies.

I think something that added to this nostalgia I got from just the beginning of the movie was the soundtrack. I have been listening to the Fantastic Beasts soundtrack for the past three days and it’s honestly one of the coolest things in the world. I love the Main Title I loved how it started with the Harry Potter theme and how it transitioned into the Fantastic Beasts theme. I think it made me feel more familiar and comfortable with these new characters right from the beginning.

I think one of the main reasons why not just me, but many other people, think that Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is so much better than the Cursed Child is because the screenplay for this film was written by JKR and only JKR. I noticed that the movie felt a lot for “authentic” (for lack of a better word).

I know there has been a lot of discussions about the lack of diversity within the casting/characters in both the Harry Potter movies and now the Fantastic Beasts movies.

I’d like to discuss not just a few (two, well technically one) diverse characters but also the characters I really enjoyed and why I loved them.

Even though our main character(s) are all white, we do have two very intelligent bad ass female characters, Queenie and Tina. Tina is an Aura and she’s very intelligent and I loved seeing that throughout the movie. I loved how Queenie used the fact that people didn’t think she was very intelligent and underestimate her and I love how she uses that to her advantage. I loved seeing their bond as siblings throughout the movie, I love how they’re always looking out for one another and how much they’d do for one another.

Image result for queenie goldstein

Zoe Kravitz was seen in a photograph in Fantastic Beasts and will apparently be in the sequel as Leta Lestrange. Which I think will be super cool.

We also have a black female president! Which I think is one of the coolest things in the world. I got very excited when I saw her in the trailers and I thought Carmen Ejogo played her character very well.

On Tumblr I have seen people talk about whether or not Newt has autism, I think that it would be really nice to see not only diversity when it comes to the ethnicity of the cast but also having characters that have a disability. It has not been confirmed by JKR, Eddie, David or anyone in charge, however, the person who had written this particular post is autistic and felt that  they were able to relate to Newt. Here’s the link to the specific post I read if you’d like to find out more about it.

I honestly just loved Newt’s character. I loved how he told his creatures that he was their mummy, and honestly, this just reminded me of Hagrid which made we so happy because I love Hagrid’s character so much. I liked his humour, like the joke when the lady asks Newt if he’s a seeker and he replies with “I’m more of a chaser really” little things like this always make me laugh and I’m so glad that they were added.

Image result for newt scamander

What I’m really happy about is the fact that Newt and Tina did not kiss at the end of the movie. I feel like it would’ve felt forced and unrealistic if it had been put in as there are no actual signs that they have romantic feelings towards one another throughout the movie. Personally, I just loved their friendship, I liked seeing how the way they viewed one another changed throughout the movie.

Image result for newt and tina

Jacob was just all kinds of amazing. He was just a beautiful and caring character, like the reason why he wanted to open a bakery was to make people happy! I loved seeing his interest in the Wizarding World it was just so adorable and honestly the majority of the time Jacob was just saying what I’m pretty sure all of us were thinking.

Image result for jacob fantastic beasts


I’d like to talk about is the ending of this movie, but mostly the reveal of Grindelwald and him being played by Johnny Depp. I knew Johnny Depp was going to be in this series, I just didn’t know what character he was.  I’m not going to discuss how I feel about him getting a role in this film franchise because I don’t want to discuss his personal life in this post (I may discuss my feelings on that in another post). I felt that he felt out-of-place in this film. I don’t know if it was his bleach blonde hair (right) or the fact that he just doesn’t look like how I pictured him/how he did in the Harry Potter films (left). I don’t know I just preferred Jamie Campbell Bower as Grindelwald.

Image result for grindelwald and dumbledoreImage result for johnny depp fantastic beasts and where to find them





I felt that the pacing was very good, it didn’t feel rushed at any point or slow. I think the fact that we have the Harry Potter novels and movies, which give us a lot of world building, really helped this movie be as great as it is.

I had such high expectations for this movie, as I knew it was written by JKR only, and I’m so glad that all of my expectations were met. I also believe that the reason why this movie has done so well, in comparison to the Harry Potter films, is because the story was written to be a film. In all book to movie adaptations, there are always little and usually important things that the writers and directors leave out which are crucial to the plot and or the understanding of the characters. JKR had the advantage of the only novel this is based on is the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them textbook, so she needed to include all the little important things which would usually be forgotten in an adaptation.

Honestly, I was so happy while watching this movie. I seriously want to go re-watch this movie as soon as possible because I want to pick up on all the little details I may have missed the first time. I had such high expectations for this movie, as I knew it was written by JKR only, and I’m so glad that all of my expectations were met.


So that was most of my thoughts and feelings on Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them!

In the comments let me know what you thought of the movie, and who your favourite characters were.



Yasmin xx

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