Shadowhunters season two episode eight – discussion


I am so sorry for posting this review so late, I know that episode nine comes out tomorrow, hopefully I’ll get on top of everything and have these up faster.

I think this episode was really good! I really loved the drama of it. There are a few things that I had a problem with in this episode, but other than that it was a pretty good episode.

the episode starts with Izzy with the Vampires, as she’s trying to get vampire venom as Aldertree isn’t back and she has no other way to access Yin Fen. The vampire then tries to drain Izzy off her blood when Raphael comes in to save her. He ends up biting her so that she’d get some of his venom and we see a relationship between them start to form. We never really see a relationship form between Isabelle and Raphael in the books so I’m kind of interested to see how they are going to develop this.

We then go to the Jade Wolf where Luke finds out about what the Soul Sword can do and he’s angry because Jace and Clary didn’t tell him. We then find out that the thing in the vision was a demon and it was able to destroy the soul sword.

we then go to the institute where Alec and Isabelle are talking about the fact that Clary and Jace have seen an angel. Isabelle is a little bit sceptical and even says, “no one’s seen an angel in hundreds of years.” Izzy then starts asking him about what happened with Magnus and Alec in the last episode., Alec actually doesn’t say anything about it and he doesn’t really get the chance to as Maryse and Max come it. We don’t really discuss this later on in the episode either which was really disappointing. We find out that Max is going to have his Rune Ceremony and that since Robert isn’t able to come, Alec is going to take his role. Max didn’t feel Max in this episode. There was something really off about when he said, “Mon doesn’t like you having a warlock boyfriend” Alec responds with “And you?” which Max just responds with “whatever I don’t care” I feel like his response should’ve been different.

Alec then goes to Magnus to ask him if he’ll host the party for Max, but also to help improve his relationship with Maryse. I really liked their dialogue here and I thought Magnus’s lines were great. I just really wish they’d talked about what happened the last episode. It is said that they had sex but I feel like this could’ve all been touched upon better. I discussed why in my discussion for episode seven.

We are then at a park where Iris, the warlock from a few episodes ago, was sitting and Valentine appears and he needs her for something, we don’t really find out what this is until much later in the episode.

In last week’s episode Maia tells Simon to tell Clary he loves her. It’s eleven o’clock at night and Simon has called Clary out to this place., she’s worried because it’s late and night and he is pacing. Simon is kind of talking to himself and he won’t tell her what’s wrong, she says, “Simon I don’t have a telepathy rune” I honestly, loved this line, I thought it was really cute and I just really loved this scene. When they kissed, it was beautiful and so well done. Personally, I think their first kiss was done so much better than Clary and Jaces’. I just think this scene is beautiful and has been done really really well.

we then go back to Maryse and Alec, he’s just given her the invite for the party. Maryse doesn’t approve of it being at Magnus’s and having people outside their family there. The way Maryse is acting is how Robert would’ve acted in the book, I am annoyed about this as we do find out why Robert feels this way in City of Heavenly Fire.

We then see Simon and Clary all dressed up and ready to go to this party for Max. They’re laughing and being really cute and I really liked it. They walk into the party holding hands and it’s all just really cute. Yes, I do say cute a lot but it is cute. 

Maia is back, and I think she’s going to be in more episodes now that we have been able to get to know her character a little bit better. I really love her banter with Jace, it was done really well last episode and also in this episode. I loved how the first thing she says when she sees him is “I thought I smelled cocky I really like what they are doing with their relationship.

Jace then sees Clary and Simon together, I love how he’s still supportive and tells them that they, “look cute together” and that he’s happy for them. I just think it’s really nice to see that.

we have Magnus who is worrying if everything’s okay because he doesn’t want to ruin this for Max. Maryse walks in and she’s so b*tchy like I can’t stand the way she is towards Magnus, you can tell he’s tried so hard to make this perfect and Maryse has to find a problem with absolutely everything.

This is when all the drama started happening, and it was great!

We go back to Clary and she sees Simon kissing Maia. All I could think was, didn’t the show runners say that they weren’t going to have Simon date two people at once? Did they just mean that he’s going to be dating Maia and Clary at the same time instead of Clary and Izzy? Honestly, there was just a lot of confusion, I’ll explain this better later.

We go back to Izzy looking for Yin Fen, we find out that Vampire venom wears off faster and that is why she’s hit a low. Izzy ends up begging Raphael for more and with a lot of persuading he finally gives in. We see Izzy being vunerable, we also find out more about Raphael and Magnus’s past as Raphael is dropping Izzy back off to the party.

Ever since we have found out that Jace has demon blood in him, Maryse has ‘disowned’ Jace and no longer sees him as her son. Maryse tries to kill Jace, he defends himself and Maryse is unconscious on the floor. During this scene, all I could think was ‘you already killed Jocelyn now you’re killing Maryse! Stop killing the mothers!’ Maryse hasn’t died as I found out later but I literally thought she was dead.

Magnus realises that something is wrong, that people are imagining things that aren’t really happening and comes to the conclusion that they’re all hallucinating, not just anything but things that they’re insecure about. Clary has just started a new relationship and she believes that Simon actually doesn’t want to be with her, Jace just wants to be accepted by his family and he believes that Maryse, his mother figure, wants to kill him, Alec feels all this guilt because of what happened to Jocelyn while he was possessed by the demon, and he thinks that Clary is still angry with him about it.

It gets to the point where everyone is arguing because no one knows what’s real and what isn’t. I feel like this scene was very messy and felt like something we’d see on a Disney Channel show.

I felt like everything after this felt really convenient like Magnus figures out that it was Iris, the warlock from earlier in the season, who was disguised as a cat from a French word/phrase.

We find out that Valentine forced Iris to work for him as he has her granddaughter. We find out that Valentine wanted Clary as he didn’t want her to be harmed. As Magnus is sending her to the Clave and she tells Clary that she still owes her a favour and that she must get her back. Once Iris has left we find out that Clary has “pure” angel blood in her, which is why Valentine needs her so that she can activate the Soul Sword.

The episode ends with everyone talking to one another and discussing what happened. We have Simon tell Clary that he, ” wants to spend every minute of every day with you.” We have Clary tell Alec that, “I don’t blame you for my mom.” Maryse and Jace talk and she tell him that, “I don’t regret taking you in for a second.” I really liked this, I thought it was really nice to get some closure on some of the conflicts between the characters.

Jace and Alec are with Maryse and they ask her about why she and Robert are fighting all the time. Alec asks if Robert is cheating on her and she starts crying. In the books, Maryse tells Isabelle that Robert cheated on her before Max was born but they stayed together because of Max. In the show, Maryse doesn’t want them to tell Izzy as it’ll really hurt her. I’m not sure how I feel about this as of right now.

The episode ends with Max’s Rune Ceremony. I thought it was really nice and I liked that the episode ended on such a nice note.

so that was my thoughts on episode eight of Shadowhunters. Let me know what you thought of this episode if you agreed or disagreed with anything I said here.

Yasmin xx


2 thoughts on “Shadowhunters season two episode eight – discussion

  1. I started watching this show a few weeks ago and finally caught up today. I hated both Simon and Raphael in the books but they are much better one tv. For that reason I kind of like Raphael and Izzy together if that becomes a thing. I was surprised that she ended up picking up the yin fen storyline, I was not expecting that! I like the show for the most part but for the first few episodes the acting and script were really bad I thought.

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