seven deadly sins book tag

Hi, I've made a post! *loud gasps from everyone* yes, I haven't posted anything in a very long time. For some reason, I am writing this post even though I have a maths exam tomorrow. Yeah, I know what my priorities are. I was tagged by the wonderful Yasmin from Poetry Nerds Unite. You should all … Continue reading seven deadly sins book tag

April 2017 wrap up

hey, so Yasmin, how did your plans for April go? Terribly. And I'm absolutely sorry about that I'm behind on most things, surprisingly not on my goodreads challenge. books I read this month: Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare (I read this play twice now and it's still meh) A Tragic Kind of Wonderful by Eric Lindstrom … Continue reading April 2017 wrap up

March 2017 library checkout

Hi, my reading and blogging life died this month. my term break is coming up so hopefully I'll be back in action in April! this meme is hosted by Shannon from River City Reading. Library Books Read Dumplin' by Julie Murphy Checked Out, To Be Read Gracefully Grayson by Ami Polosky Returned Unread Heartless by Marissa … Continue reading March 2017 library checkout

Shadowhunters, episode ten season two – discussion

Hey, episode ten of Shadowhunters aired well over a week ago and I am so sorry for posting this discussion late. As I have been saying for the past month, I have been really busy with school and I still haven't figured out a plan for managing my blog and education. I was not expecting … Continue reading Shadowhunters, episode ten season two – discussion

Shadowhunters episode nine season two – discussion 

Hi, I think this week's episode of Shadowhunters was pretty good, not so much a memorable episode, but still a good episode. There was a few things that weren't so great but I pretty much had no problems with this episode. this discussion will have spoilers for this episode and for the entire Mortal Instruments series. … Continue reading Shadowhunters episode nine season two – discussion 

Shadowhunters season two episode eight – discussion

Hi, I am so sorry for posting this review so late, I know that episode nine comes out tomorrow, hopefully I'll get on top of everything and have these up faster. I think this episode was really good! I really loved the drama of it. There are a few things that I had a problem … Continue reading Shadowhunters season two episode eight – discussion