after watching Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them I was in a Harry Potter mood. My younger brother wanted to read the Harry Potter series and I thought it would be a good idea to read them with him so that we can have discussions about the books, and really just for some fun sibling bonding.

Originally we were going to read the books separately but we realised that it was going to be a bit difficult, as we only have one copy of the series. So we decided to take turns reading aloud a chapter each.

Reading aloud with a partner or a group reminds me of listening to audio books. A little less than a year ago I made a post about audiobooks, how I feel about them and why I liked listening to them.

The best thing about reading with a partner is the fact that you can stop halfway through a chapter and have a discussion about a fun sentence or something small a character has done. For example, in the Philosophers Stone Hermione makes Ron and Harry study timetables, my brother and I ended up talking about how good of a friend Hermione was for doing this.

I’ve never really had to read aloud before, but this is quite a fun and interesting way to read a book.

Let me know if you’ve ever read aloud to or had someone read aloud to you, other than when you were little or in school, in the comments

Yasmin xx




6 thoughts on “reading aloud 

  1. Sounds fun! I can’t say I often read aloud with others, but sometimes my friend reads Sherlock Holmes stories to me. My problem is that when I’m listening to things, sometimes I just start thinking about unrelated things; I’m not great with audiobooks either. And when I’m doing the reading out loud, I’m usually so fixated on pronouncing and emphasizing right that I don’t have much idea of what I actually said! Such dilemmas. 😛

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    1. True, I know at school when someone is reading aloud and I just don’t like the way they’re reading I can’t really pay attention, yeah audiobooks and reading aloud isn’t for everyone. I don’t really like reading aloud myself but sometimes I like other people reading to me
      – Yasmin

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      1. Reading out loud in school is the worst. I hated listening to other people because generally I can read faster to myself than people read out loud. And then I hated being the person reading too. :p

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  2. Years ago, I used to read aloud to my cousin, but the experience wasn’t as fun as yours (I don’t think he was listening, lol). That was a sweet experience you had with your brother. Reading aloud to someone was one of the challenges on the Book Riot reading challenge last year. I guess they wanted readers to have a similar experience to yours.

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