The Library – Part Two


I started a ‘mini-series’ on my blog, about a month ago, all about the library. In my last post in this series, I talked about the cons of the library. If you’d like to go see that post you can click here to go straight to it.

As I’ve previously talked about the negatives it’s obvious that this post is going to be about the positives.

Please note I’m not trying to force anybody to use the library or shaming people for not using the library.  I am just sharing my opinion and if you don’t agree with this, you can leave a comment explaining why, please don’t be mean. 


The main thing I love about using the library is that it’s free. This is obviously something that many people love about the library as buying books can be expensive, especially if you live somewhere where there are few bookshops and buying books online doesn’t work in your favour (due to shipping prices). There are sites, such as Book Depository, which ship to a lot of different countries for free. This is super helpful because shipping can be ridiculous especially if you live outside the US and the UK.

Not only is the library free, but if you don’t enjoy the book you can just return it. I know that there are a few books that I’ve read that I really didn’t enjoy and if I’d bought it I would’ve felt like it was a waste of money. The fact that the library is free also takes away the bad feeling you get when you’ve brought a lot of books and haven’t read them. I have gotten about fifteen books out from the library before and not even read half of them, I cannot imagine how bad I would’ve felt if I had brought those books and had them sitting on my shelf still.

Personally, I find that I am more likely to read a book that I need to return to the library or a friend than if I own the book. Needing to return a book on time or just to be considerate will, not so much pressure but motivate me to read it more. A great example of this is the Legend trilogy, I brought this trilogy  over a year ago and I’ve read Legend and I started Prodigy in December, I still haven’t finished it. But I’ll read a library book as soon as I can because I know I won’t have it forever.


Even though I just gave and explained many positives about the library, here are some things I don’t like about the library, which you can always go check out in my previous post in this series.

Leave a comment telling me about how you feel about the library and your experience with libraries.

Yasmin xx

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3 thoughts on “The Library – Part Two

  1. I think we definitely need to promote more library usage. I see a lot of people complaining they have no access to books and it’s not fair–but most of them do, if they would use the library. I realize not everyone has a library or can get to it, or they might not have a good library. But it’s hard for me to feel pity for someone who “has” to pirate books because they “have no access” when that really means they would prefer to own the book rather than buy it, or they just don’t want the library of going to their local library. And when we don’t use the library, we’re making it easier for library opponents to cut funding for libraries and take away that access to people who really need it because they’re homeless and don’t have Internet or whatever.

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    1. Exactly. I don’t buy a lot of books, I use the library. I feel like in the “bookish community” (I’m pretty sure that’s what it’s called) no one ever talks about libraries. We see loads of people doing hauls, yet no one doing library hauls.
      – Yasmin


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