Bricks You Can Read and Fall Asleep With by Dane Cobin


I recently received an email from the author and poet, Dane Cobin, asking if I wanted to work on a few things with him on my blog.

Over the past few months I’ve been reading/listening to a lot more poetry, and asked if he could write a poem for my blog, all he needed was five words of my choice and then he’d write something that included these words.

I decided to include a four other bloggers in this because I wanted to make this poem is more inclusive. I asked each person for one word each and I used one myself, our words were;

Jesalin (from JBelkBooks), her word was ‘Hope’, Nikki and Amy (from bookwormgirls123), their word was ‘Despair’, Fadwa (from Word Woonders), her word was ‘Passion’, Ola (from Ola Reads Books), her word was ‘Flat’ and my word, which was ‘Growth’

I thought this is something different and fun that I could do on my blog.

Bricks You Can Read and Fall Asleep With

I believe books are the bricks

we need to build society;

when the world was flat

and space was black,

and factories spewed gas

from a chimney stack,

we needed some hope

to go on with,

and now we need hope

more than ever,

you can feel it in your bones

when you’re home alone.

Books are just art from the heart,

like baking a cake with the words you say

until the passion you feel

is a miracle pill

for the people,

a point in time

where you can turn off the lights

and feel excitement.

An escape you can chase

when there’s despair in your face,

and the rest of the world

has lost its marbles.

Character growth

in a classical trope,

like Sisyphus

pushing boulders

up a hillside.

I believe words are the mortar

that oughta hold society together,

like when you talk about the weather

with friends you’ve never met,

when you’re stressed and upset

and can’t forget it.

Or maybe books

are just bridges

between people.

– Dane Cobin

I really enjoyed reading this poem and working with Dane on this post. If you’d like to know more about him and see some more of his work you can click here to go to his site.

Let me know what you thought of the poem in the comments and if you’d like to see different things, like this, on my blog.

Yasmin xx

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