13 Minutes by Sarah Pinborough – spoiler free review


I was sent, through Netgalley, 13 Minutes by Sarah Pinborough in return for a spoiler free review. I like reading mystery novels because I find that they force me to think a lot more than a contemporary novel would.

2780257513 Minutes

Author: Sarah Pinborough

Genre: Thriller, Mystery & Crime

Number of Pages: 320

Release Date: July 14th, 2016

My Rating: 3.5/5 Stars

This book is about Natasha (Tasha), a teenage girl, who was dead for thirteen minutes, hence the title, and when she is asked how it happened she doesn’t remember anything. The synopsis of this novel was so intriguing which made me want to read it straight away.

This novel is written in the third person but mostly follows Becca. We do see Tasha’s journal entries, notes from the police investigation, text message conversations and newspaper reports. This was one of my favourite things about this novel, these added more mystery for the reader and kept me thinking. However, the change in point of view did take a while to get used to.

I loved Sarah Pinborough’s writing style, it was beautiful and flowed really nicely. I think that the way that she described things was really well done. Also, the order in which she told the reader things made the book so much more interesting. I can’t imagine the amount of planning that went into this novel.

The reason I gave this novel three and a half stars, instead of 4 or five stars was because it was a bit slow, and also because of stereotypes. We have the mean popular girl (Natasha) who is, “Never caught without lip gloss. And always with the shortest of shorts no matter how many times she has been told to change them.” (location 139). I find the stereotype of popular girls always looking ‘camera ready’ and wearing clothes that are short or tight really annoying. We also see the ‘popular girl’ fat shaming, which is really annoying and something I do not like to see in books or in my everyday life.

We also have the main character, Becca, who was best friends with the mean girl but no longer is. Personally, I just don’t like seeing girls hating on other girls, I don’t see the point in it. I also don’t like seeing girls who are constantly worried that their boyfriend is going to be ‘taken’ by some other girl. I could have a huge discussion on why this is wrong but I will leave that for another time.

Overall this novel was pretty good, I enjoyed reading it and I found that it kept me on my toes during the majority of this novel.

I gave 13 Minutes by Sarah Pinborough three and a half out of five stars

Yasmin xx

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