I was recently tagged in the Autumn Book Tag, which is exciting because I’ve never done a seasonal tag before.

I was tagged by She Latitude which is amazing so thank you so much Reg for doing that. I’m also really excited about doing this tag because everyone has been doing the Spring Book Tag and it’s Autumn for us, so it’s pretty cool to be tagged in a seasonal tag at the right time of year.

So lets get into the tag.


1) What is your favorite thing about autumn?

I love looking at the way the weather changes around me, I love the rain.

2) What book reminds you of your school days?

I’m still at school so I’m not to sure how to answer this question.

3) What cover reminds you of autumn?

f16_amillionworldswithyouA Million Worlds With You by Claudia Gray, the oranges and purples remind me of Autumn

4) What is your favourite horror or halloween story?

I don’t read horror or Halloween stories 😆

5) What is your favourite horror or halloween film?

Again I don’t watch Halloween of horror films

6) What fall autumn book release are you looking forward to?

I know that Autumn is almost over so the books I’m talking about have already been published (but they were published during Autumn) 23438288I’d heard about Flawed by Cecelia Ahern and thought the concept was really interesting. This is definitely something I feel like I’d pick up soon as I’m really into Sci-Fi and Dytopian and at the moment.


I’m also excited to start The Last Star by Rick Yancey, which is the last novel in The 5th Wave trilogy. I didn’t enjoy the sequel as much as I enjoyed the first novel but I am still super excited to read the conclusion to this series.

7) What autumn movie release are you anticipating?


Alice Through The Looking Glass. I absolutely loved Tim Burton’s addition of Alice In Wonderland, which came out in 2010, and when I saw the trailer for the sequel I knew I had to go and see it as soon as it came out.

8) What are the three books you plan to read this autumn?
Autumn is almost over, but I’m not too sure. I don’t read certain books depending on the season or event.

So that was the Autumn book tag.

I am going to tag (note if I tagged you and it isn’t Autumn where you are you can always do the tag later on when it is Autumn)

Jess from jbelkbooks

Michelle from Book Adventures

Jorelene from Page Chronicles

Thank you so much for reading

Yas xx


2 thoughts on “THE AUTUMN BOOK TAG

  1. I love autumn because it’s the most colourful and vibrant season when the leaves changes colour! I also happen to get a lot more reading done because of the crappier weather, which means I am less tempted to go outside and frolick under the sun.

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