Over the many years that I’ve been reading I have noticed a few things that people do while reading which for some unknown reason I can’t do. I’ve usually heard of people doing this on the internet or actually seen people doing this.

So here’s my list of things reader do which I just can’t.

1.reading while in a car
By in the car I mean any form of transport, for example a train, boat and plane.
I catch the bus to and from school every single day and there are quite a few people who read on the bus. I suffer from motion sickness so reading or even continuous texting in a vehicle makes me nauseous. I wish I could read while driving, I would get so much reading done.

2. listening to music while reading 

A lot of people make playlists that they listen to while reading a certain book that usually fit with the themes and genre of the novel.

Personally I find it too distracting to listen to music, with and without lyrics, while reading. I tried it once but I ended up singing instead of reading.

3.eating/drinking while reading 
I love seeing people’s cute photos of them drinking coffee while reading,tumblr_nymvynhf6j1ueszmao1_1280 <<example, but sadly I find this very hard to do (which must be shocking considering my blog name) I find the whole situation stressful, trying to hold the book open while holding a hot beverage also while trying not to spill coffee all over my book. However I found it a lot easier to drink while reading when I had a hard cover novel and a flat surface to read either my drink or book on. When it comes to eating when reading it’s exactly the same, mostly I’m worried about getting crumbs in my book and never being able to get them out.

4.multitasking while reading

I have heard of a lot of people reading while on a exercise machine or even showering while reading (I saw a video on YouTube about it here’s the link if you’d like to know more) and to me this is possibly one of the hardest ways to read. I have tried to read while sweeping the floor and that didn’t work out at all mostly because the floor wasn’t properly swept so I had to go and do it again.


So those are all the things which readers can do but I just can’t.

Leave a comment if you can or can’t do some of these things or if there is something you can’t do, which I haven’t mentioned in this list, that other readers can.

Thank you so much for reading

Yas xx



  1. I have to agree with all of this! Reading in cars makes me nauseous, so that’s out. And I can’t snack and read. I’ll inevitably just put the book down and eat the snack or drink the beverage and then start reading again when I’m done.

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